8 facts about hemp!🌱💚🤔 1. Hemp is used in over 25,000 products😳 2. Twenty one states can legally grow hemp💥 3. Many early artists made art on hemp👩🏻‍🎨 The word “canvas” is derived from the word cannapaceus, a latin adjective that literally means “made from hemp.” 4. Hemp oil is good for you🥰 5. Hemp can restore unhealthy soil🌹 6. Hemp was hailed as a billion dollar crop before the government banned it💫 7. It used to be illegal to NOT grow hemp😱 8. Hemp cultivation dates back more than 10,000 years✨
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@dripsweets + @ravengrass are having a brain baby 💖 this Friday + Saturday we share our labor of love. Limited run, small batch CBD treats, a THC magic school bus, and the most incredible guest performers and collaborators we could ask for. See u soon! #cbd #teamcbd #weedevents #weedwomen
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If you want to develop a successful business then you must first be willing to develop yourself. 🥰 Knowledge is something you should strive for every day! 📕 You have to make yourself better, to be able to grow. 🌱 I read, listen to, or watch at least 3 things a day to help develop myself! 💪🏻 I get put into a better mindset, and it allows be to be more creative! 🌱💚
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Sunday surprise.. We have something REALLY exciting to share ✨ we've been working with @dripsweets to launch a small run of limited-edition, hand crafted, incredibly special offerings made with hemp-derived CBD-- meaning now's your chance to gift CBD to friends and family that don't live in states with legal access yet and also maybe gift yourself ;) we've worked hard to create CBD dream versions of Drip favorites [plus NEW flavors!], Raven smokes [with carefully selected companion herb blends], and surprise curated offerings we can't wait to share. These will be available in person during both days of our holiday activation event and in a very small qty online after. We still believe in the power of of whole plant cannabis, but we ALSO believe in the power of recontextualizing cannabis through personal experience, and organic hemp-CBD allows us to do that ❤ please come visit us in Portland next weekend if you're able!! #teamcbd #cbd #weedwomen #weedpeople #holidaze
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Looking forward to the professional photos of this laboroflove Many, many thanks to the incredible #bride that requested this 8’ round #moongate #backdrop Jenna it was a pleasure creating your #weddingflowers Thank you for choosing @cherrybrandydesigns
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No I don’t mean lost “I don’t know what I’m doing.” I mean lost in a healthy life!!💪🏻 Doing what’s best for YOU! ☺️ I have taken my leap into a new healthy life and I can’t believe all of the changes happening for me! 🌱No more anxious thoughts 🌱No more headaches 🌱No more sleeplessness These symptoms that I’ve struggled with for years are now fading to the background! I couldn’t be more blessed to have found a natural way to help me, and a company that will allow me to become free!🌱💚🥰 Message me for any info! 👇🏻👇🏻 http://m.me/mahala.charnley
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Yo me e tomado dos gotas de este producto una por la mañana y otra por la noche aplicandolo debajo de mi lengua por 90 segundos pa que se absorba en mi systema y desde anoche me ayudo a dormir mejor y esta mañana amaneci sintiendome mejor y hasta mas enfocado y sin ansiedad. I have taken two drops of this product once in the morning and another at night and applied them under my tongue for 90 seconds so that it absorbs into my blood stream and since last night it has helped me sleep better and I even woke up earlier today more focused, with no anxiety! Esta medicina que dirvè de la planta de marijuana trabja de lo mas bien, si quieres lo puedes ordenar aqui. This medicine which derives from the marijuana plant works really good and if you want you can order it here! 💯👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼🌿🌱🔥 http://hempbusiness.myctfocbd.com/ #LastOfADyingBreed #thefutureofmedicine #teamcbd#hemp #herb#cbdoil#linkis #alsoinbio #themdropsboyahaha
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