TGIF, ladies! #hotskinnytea
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Morning everyone! We're all set up and sipping chai on this chilling morning at St Andrews Market! The day is looking to warm up a little later with the sun shining on this Easter Saturday! For tasting today we've got our usual range of assorted teas, tisanes and chais, including our famed Golden Turmeric Chai! With chai spices and turmeric root all ground up into a powder it makes for a smooth treat that tastes great and is nutritive for the body and soul ♡ Come see us and say hi! We're in our usual spot across from the veggie truck. Market's open till 2pm.
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We met with environmental artist Dr. John Dahlsen for a cup of organic Green Tea and a chat outside Bondi's Pavilion Gallery on the final day of showing his retrospective exhibition: Waste No More.  Read the full story on our website!
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Nice cup of tea in my favorite mug while waiting for this mini hurricane. What’s your favorite tea?
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Happy Passover, Citizens! Why not celebrate with a tasty treat and our Kosher certified Almond Coconut Macaroon Red Tea? #TheRepublicofTea
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Given the change of weather and much bigger demand in my online tea store for black tea I have done a little update to my blog post in #tea#teaphy "A good breakfast tea…or just a damn good black tea" 🍃⠀ ⠀ For those that like a comforting and soothing black tea, life doesn't just need to default to a 'Breakfast blend'. Discovering the world's best black teas and finding great single-region and single-cultivar blacks is something we are passionate about. In addition to the wonderful bold and brisk black teas of India and Sri Lanka think China, Japan, Nepal and Australia who all offer new flavours to discover. ⠀ ⠀ Enjoy the read. Link in bio.⠀ ⠀ #tea #teatime #instatea #tealife #teaaddict #tea#tealove> #thesteeperytea #thesteeperyteaco #brisbane #brisbanetea #looseleaftea #brisbanefood #pureleaftea #truetea #realtea #tealove #teaknowledge #teaspecialist #teanerd #blogging #teablog #breakfasttea #blacktea⠀
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