afternoon tea on the first day of spring...#teaandsympathy #letitbleed #nyc
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The cure to all ills 💛💛 . . . #tea #teaandsympathy #hug #love #theteacentre
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Ain’t no party like a tea party 🍵
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Food: Treacle Pudding Fandom: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling (Book) Country of Origin: England 🇬🇧 Where to get it: Tea & Sympathy ( Closest subway stop: 14 St., 8 Ave (A, C, E, L) Price: $8 Ingredients: Golden syrup (treacle), sugar, eggs, flour, milk, breadcrumbs. . What does Harry Potter smell in Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in existence? Well, something flowery, broomstick handle and, of course, treacle tart! . Today’s post is special because Harry Potter is the first fandom I joined. And if there’s something that always sparks my curiosity while reading the books, it’s the food. From magical dishes that only exist in the Potterverse to the ones that are simply too-British for me to know, I’ve always wanted to taste the things that my favorite Hogwarts students were trying. . To begin, I picked Harry’s favorite dessert. Granted, this is treacle pudding and not tart (which according to the Chamber of Secrets, Harry loves regardless). That’s because even though I searched in almost all the British restaurants and delicacy stores in NYC (surprisingly, there aren’t that many) I couldn’t find any. So I thought I’d compromise with pudding. . Mind you, what the brits call pudding is what in the States must of us would vaguely refer as pound cake. And what “treacle” is (I genuinely had no idea until I asked) is a gold syrup made in the process of refining sugar. The cake is served warm and traditionally with custard cream on top (will talk about in another post). . I thought this traditional dessert was really good. The cake is soft and sugary, and it certainly looked golden-brown, thanks to the treacle. The custard on top somehow evened out the flavor, in a good way. I tried it warm and then waited to taste it at ambiance temperature—and it was much better warm, for some reason. The people at Tea & Sympathy were lovely and very kind about explaining the differences between pudding vs. tart and how the idea of dessert is different depending in which part of England and the UK you are. I went on a Sunday and they were PACKED, so if you go, be prepared to wait a bit.
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Today for #marchmeetthemaker is ‘What inspires you?’ For me, it’s clean lines, nature, and a touch of magick 🌙✨ . . #Ham#HamOntrs #hamiltonetsyteam #HamOnt #crystalshop #inspiration #nature #magick #cleanlines #geometricdesign #etsyshop #etsyseller #witchesofnewyork #teaandsympathy
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