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Happy birthday, bub. . you've taught me humility in just the way you are, Ishan, amongst many other things (not to mention, a high tolerance for offensive humour). and there was a time when you let the fire consume you so you could show me the light. and for that, i am indebted to you. . someone once told me that ALL relationships really are just friendships wherein people connect in different measures with each other. and i couldn't agree more. because labels aside, roller coaster rides aside, you've been a true friend, before and more than everything else, my love. albeit, in that friendship we found a glimpse of love, we found strength to be vulnerable, we found our way back to trust, we found courage to be honest, no matter what. in that friendship, i found a reason to not give up on myself. . friends before lovers, before everything else, always, bub. (also, Calvin to my Hobbes). . I wanted to be with you today more than anything, and no fair that i can't. apparently, one can't bake their cake and eat it too, what to do. i'll see you soon. i tried getting Sky to wish you but she just rolled her eyes and stoically looked away. no wonder, she's your daughter. . i know you're too shy to respond to this, so don't bother. : ) Also, no more terms of endearment for another year, i promise. . #mymain #happybirthday #calvinandhobbes #taztheboxer #joeythepupper #selfie #gratitude #todayiamgrateful #mentalhealthsupport #keeptalkingMH #relationships #shu #rainthebitch #dog#doggo #doglove #doglover #dog #instadog #dog#dogsstagram #dogstagram #dogs #pupperdoggo #hostellife #hostelsofindia #cafesofindia #portraits #teampixel #friendshipgoals @madebygoogle @googlepixel #monochrome #livinginthemountains
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"you know i've gotcha back, right?"
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A (homie) doggo is only as good a boi or a girl as the hooman who's raised them. and trust me it's not an easy task. . There is only a very very thin line between raising a doggo well and spoiling the shit out of them. And honestly, when you want a doggo to pick you constantly, it is super easy to be spoiling the shit out of them - something that most people with doggos are quite ignorant of. A, knew the most about dog psychology as compared to any human I have ever met. When we were raising Sasha, he told me one thing very particularly - you need three things to raise a dog - exercise (play), discipline (routine) and affection - in that particular order. I falter a lot myself when I often put affection before others but I realize the truth in his statement well, especially after having raised kids. I realize that over the long run, they prefer it that way. . Little kids and dogs have very similar ways of upbringing. Rule no. one - do not spoil the shit out of them. Rule no. two - let them be. In our insecurities, we often give way more than we should - to our dogs, to our (eventually obese and entitled) kids. We think giving is loving. And since both kids and dogs respond, we keep that cycle going, until at least with the kids, it's just too late. . Kim taught me how to teach my kids to take no for an answer without expecting a tantrum from them, two years ago. 'I love you always and sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no'. That was all it took for them to learn that a yes did not mean validation and a no did not mean the end of the world. . I know it may seem distant to many of us as to why someone would put so much effort into learning how to raise dogs. You love them, and they'll love you back anyway, right? Well, I guess it's because they deserve that effort, they deserve to be raised well, whether or not you agree with it. If we choose to be responsible for them, the very least we owe them is to make sure they're not spoilt as fuck. . We often raise our kids/dogs the way we've been raised. It doesn't have to be like that.
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