Instead of making resolutions, since last year I’ve tried to just make lists of things I want to start or do more of. This combines a few things: food styling and photography, cooking, and being a bit more “zero waste”. • I’ve got a huge tub of oat groats that I mistakenly bought, thinking they were the same as the rolled oats you usually get for making oatmeal. “Great!” I thought, “This is way cheaper than all the imported Quaker Oats, and buying in bulk is better for the environment! Win win!” • My friends, it was not win-win. I have been sitting on this tub for like a year, because I have no idea how to cook these damn things. Even following recipes online, my oatmeal was tough and...just not good. Until I saw a random little tip suggesting to SOAK THE THINGS FIRST, and my world has changed. Whole grain, nutritious oats for every meal until I empty this 4kg tub 😂 • So I made oatmeal. And I also made sunflower seed butter (as in, peanut butter, but with sunflower seeds instead of peanuts). And I grabbed the dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds from the back of the cupboard where I’d banished them when my wisdom tooth removal rendered me unable to eat my lovely crunchy breakfast bars. Then I made oat milk (too watery, not convinced), and eggless oat cookies with the leftover pulp. Nothing wasted. • And then I got sick, and spent several hours in bed nursing a migraine whilst watching #thebiteshot because I was in too much pain to sleep it off. And then, because I hadn’t eaten all day, I went to finally eat those oats. But not before painstakingly trying to find an appealing layout and using 4 more bowls than I would normally use, and then hurriedly taking photos before the daylight ran away from me. • #feedfeed #thefeedfeed #huffposttaste #foodie_features #foodoftheday #foodpost #foodgram #buzzfeast #f52grams #foodgawker #foodblogfeed #tastingtable #thekitchn #onthetable #buzzfeedfood #맛스타그램 #먹스타그램 #커피한잔 #디저트그램 #yahoofood #postitfortheaesthetic #soloverly
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Orecchiette with balsamic roasted vegetables. It’s best to use a very good quality balsamic vinegar - the kind of stuff that pours like treacle - alongside a splash of cider vinegar. You still get all of those lovely flavours from the balsamic, but by slightly thinning it out you don’t risk burning it too quickly nor turning all your vegetables black. You also don’t run the risk of making yourself bankrupt because that good stuff isn’t cheap. If you also chuck in half a dozen garlic cloves, a generous amount of oil, a little squeeze of honey, a few sprigs of rosemary & thyme, you’ll end up with a lovely little sauce that will coat each piece of orecchiette without saturating them. And the sauce will pretty much go with everything, so it’s a great opportunity to use up leftover veg. Once the veg has roasted & the orecchiette has been cooked, combine both with a huge grating of parmesan, a good crack of black pepper, salt (to taste), some lemon zest & another slosh of olive oil. A properly delicious yet relatively simple mid-weeker. If you try this one out, be sure to let me know because I’d love to know what you think 🤙🏽. • #feedyoursoull #foodism #bbcgoodfood #fdlmoment #eatmunchies #tweetwhatyoueat #eater #feelgoodfood #eatfamous #dailyfoodfeed #feastagram #foodandwine #spoonfeed #tastingtable #devourpower #eatingfortheinsta #foooodieee #forkyeah #noleftovers #foodpornshare #yougottaeatthis #foodbeast #munchies #yahoofood #eats #pasta🍝 #thekitchn #foodporndaily1 #tastemade #orecchiette
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Ever go to a restaurant and order that one favorite dish despite the number of times you have tried it already? This cassava chaat (savory snack) from @mastidubai is a must on every visit for me. Love it! 🧡
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🇬🇧Pasta Carbonara with zucchini 🇩🇪Mezze Maniche Carbonara mit Zucchini . Oft sind die einfachsten Gerichte die Besten. Gerade dann ist es wichtig, nur beste Zutaten zu verwenden, nur dann kann’s richtig gut werden. Und ihr könnt mir glauben, die Nudeln #pastagranoro sind einfach #buonissima 😋👌. ———————————— 🥄Zutaten für zwei Portionen 1/2 Schalotte 2 kleine feste Zucchini 1 Bio- Ei 1 Bio- Eigelb Ca. 40g Parmesan, frisch gerieben Salz/ Pfeffer 1 EL Olivenöl 150g- 200g Nudelwasser 200g Mezze Maniche (alternativ Rigatoni) 🥄Zubereitung Nudeln in ausreichend kochendem Salzwasser nach Packungsanweisung bissfest garen. In der Zwischenzeit Zucchini waschen, vierteln und das weiche längs herausschneiden. In ca. ein 1 cm breite Scheiben schneiden. Schalotte sehr fein hacken und in Olivenöl glasig dünsten. Die Zucchini dazugeben und bei mittlerer Hitze braten, nach 5 Minuten 150ml Nudelwasser dazugeben und weitere 5 Minuten köcheln lassen. Leicht salzen. Herd ausschalten. Ei und Eigelb mit geriebenem Parmesan verquirlen. Nudeln abseihen und zu den Zucchini geben, Eiermischung untermischen und maximal 1 Minute (sonst wird aus der Soße Rührei 🙈) rührend ziehen lassen. Ggf. noch etwas Nudelwasser zufügen, falls es cremiger sein soll. Auf Teller verteilen und mit frisch gemahlenem Pfeffer bestreuen.
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