Chamomile lavender tea, lotus incense, and a good insight into a question that has been gnawing at me for a while now. I will be sleeping well tonight and refreshed for work tomorrow 🔮✨✌🌕 . . #wit#witchngs #witchyvibes #witchesofinstagram #witch #magick #tarot #tarotcards #beginnertarot #tarotspread #kitchenwitch #eclecticwitch #greenwitch #urbanwitch #9ofcups #9ofwands #9ofswords #lotus #incense #positivevibes #clearmind #insight #questionanswered #tea #herbaltea #chamomile #lavender #goodnight
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Day 20 of #thefebruarytarot "When you tell you, that you love you" hosted by @lionharts . 1: Something I do that is in support of self-love . 5 of Cups. This is a normal card I'd expect to see show up. Sometimes it can be a heavy message of regret, but forgiveness is the key message I'm seeing here. Keeping our spiritual energy clear by practicing forgiveness and gratitude regularly. I'd say that's a committed self-love practice right? . The full moon is passed over my house right now, so these could be interconnected? . 2: Why this is so important for me right now? . With the Lovers card here there's a choice to make and the 10 of Pentacles showing an upcoming cycle conclusion where we must be aware of how far we came and mindfully reflect on the things we've lost and gained through the whole experience. . I don't normally draw the 10 of Pentacles with Lovers. If anyone has drawn these two often, what's your take on this connection? . Sending #positivevibes your way this full moon 💜💜💜💜 ... (which is so beautiful even behind the storm clouds 😂)
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So many tarot readings have graced my table today. Here is a three card spread with oracle clarification I did for a friend. . (Only $6 on . . . #tarot #tarotcards #tarotspread #tarotreading #tarotreader #tar#tarotreaders #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreaders #wit#witcht #witch #witchesofinstagram #witchy #witchythings #pagan #pagansofinstagram #paganism #metaphysical #emberopolis #magic #magick
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Sorry I didn't post for 3 days. Writing and work has me really busy. Let's see where I'm at elementally with an Elemental Spread. 1) Northern Earth - the Devil 2) Eastern Fire - 6 of Fire 3) Southern Water - 9 of Earth (reversed) 4) Western Air - The Magician (reversed) Reading: Wealth has given power beyond what have been had before. The opportunity is given to tap into resources that will be beneficial to me and whomever I use them on. However, it comes at a cost. To be given such a power is to be confined by an authority. There's no such thing as great power without great convictions on how it should be used. There is a great burning desire to be bold. To be able to take risks and succeed out of any outcome. We all wish to be the type of person that takes from the world what they want. The water is not well. Satisfaction and security can be hard to come by, and when they are elusive it can be hard to express yourself. Feelings of inferiority can well up and cause a panic, but calming the waters is practice we all have to master at some point. Struggling with a new task can be daunting. It's not easy to admit that we don't have the proper skills for the task we are facing. All we can do is face the challenge head on, find the ones that you can look up to, and use what you have to make what you make out of it. #tarot #nightlytarot #tarottellsall #tarotspread #calledoutbyadeckofcards #earth #fire #water #air #elements
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🌙 The Super Moon Energy on Tuesday night will be felt throughout the week! It's inviting us to go within with the 8 of Cups to seek higher vibrations. You are discovering more of what fulfills you. 🌌 You will be full of ideas by the middle of the week with the Empress. Write them down to begin bringing them to reality! By the end of the week take time to have fun with what you're creating, avoid unnecessary drama and people who are unsupportive. This will bring Relationship Harmony to you and those around you while you focus on building your dreams! Use Lumiere de Vie Rose Refresher to soften your skin and energy! 🌸
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