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Starting to train abs 3x per week 4 sets per session. Doing weighed crunch’s on the cables, decline crunch’s and in this case leg raises. I like these because they target the lower abs especially and activate your whole core. Make sure you bring your butt all the way up or you’re gonna be working more hip flexors, that may be why when you do this exercise you legs tend to give out first before your abs. If you can’t swing you’re legs all the way up just use your knees but still make sure you bring them all the way up! I don’t train my obliques directly because my waist is already a little big as it is and other compound movement work the whole core so as long and my body fat is low I’ll be good! • • • • #skywearthreads #fitness #bodybuilding #strongerthanyesterday #workoutflow #swolelife #gyminspiration #gainsongains #workouthard #shrednation #stronglife #swoleoclock #gainsallday #hanginglegraises #legraises #abtraining #6packabs #trainyourabs
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