Beast mode beast mode!!!! Get it girl #swo#swole #swole #fitnessmotivation
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At the end of the day... this is supposed to be fun. Despite all the work, the form(techniques), what you know, etc... you’re supposed to enjoy it. . Here’s a “blooper” clip from some of the stuff I recorded for the biceps/triceps videos I’ve been releasing. My friend was on the opposite side that I wanted him to film on and you can see my face when I realized he wasn’t moving to that side, lol. . My reaction is how I react to everything, very chill. I smiled and rolled with it because this is fun to me. I hit my set from the side he was on and left it at that. Apparently my homie is a videographer on the low, so ima let him live 😂. . Enjoy everything you do. . P.S. - am I chiseled yet? 🙃 P.S.² - caught a nice angle of my back doe 👀😏
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