The first picture is me when I'm hungry af and the refrigerator's empty. The second picture is me when food arrives.
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Il a touché mon cœur et j'oublie toutes mes séquelles, je me les étais brûlé mais je me sens pousser des ailes. La flamme que j'ai déclaré est bien plus grande que la flamme olympique. #Swift
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Another dodgy edit because I haven't been able to get on photoshop😫 Side note: Thanks for 100 followers :) Also I would love the IDSB mv to be set in an earlier period like the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts or like with vampires in the 18th-19th century #tay#taylort #taylor #swift #swiftie #taylornation #reputation
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forever obsessed with this mashup and forever blessed by her vocals
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Gun control is such an important ordeal and not enough people even speak about it. I'm so moved seeing Taylor stand up for this cause because when most celebrities support something they are rampantly raving about their generosity and themselves, but Taylor has such selfless words to attach to this case that you wouldn't know she was a celebrity by those words unless you see someone else talking about her speaking up about it.
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