For someone who truly has a soft spot for this little app of visual creativity I don’t half feel like I fail at it sometimes! . I’m not the best Insta-Mum in the world, I don’t have the most Insta-worthy home and I do lots of things with Adam that I could probably ‘Insta’ the shit out of but I just forget half the time. . The other half of the time I make a conscious effort to just bloody sod it and live for the moment with my boy. . The other day we did some painting and crafting and together we made this masterpiece that I’m calling ‘Diamond in the sky’ because let’s face it, I’m not THAT creative! . I put it aside and took this picture on a day when Adam was in nursery, I may have added some ‘Insta’ magic with a spoonful of sparkle for the ‘Gram’ but the original Adam masterpiece is definitely going to be framed and hang in a very special place. . @creativelysquared @yorkelee_prints #cs_homeiswheretheartis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #honestmothering #photoshop_cc #sweetchildomine #motherhoodunpluged #motherhoodthroughig #creativelysquared #creart #letthembewild #channelmumvillage #emmasdiary #pbloggersuk #ukparentbloggers #homeiswheretheartis
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How has it already been 2 weeks?!? So blessed to be mama to this sweet little boy. #andersonshaw #sweetchildomine #mygreatestadventureisyou 📷:Kassie Jones Photography
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I asked Boaz how many months old he was
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