Bring your dad to class on Father’s day, it’s on us, Dad’s deserve a good sweat and lots of love!
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Count on @SweatYoga to leave you feeling energized. Join their amazing community in practicing hot, music-driven, vinyasa flow in Little Tokyo. #SWEATonceaday #SweatYoga #Yoga - #BrunswigSquare #BSQ #LittleTokyo #RealEstate #DTLA
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Come twist and shine up your hips as I am BACK @sweatyoga SAT 11.45am SUN 9.45am WED 5.45pm. Show up for yourself for each others and to make your day a little more vibrant. You are important and loved. #awespiringflows #yogisilky 📷 @doubleframedview wearing @aloyoga all summer long
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I did my very first hot yoga class today at @modoyogala. Here are my thoughts. 🔥 First, it only took me about 48 seconds to realize that yoga is 100% about you. No one cares that your stomach isn’t flat or that you can’t do the poses. Mine isn’t. I couldn’t. I got so hot in the first ten minutes that I wanted to take off my shirt but then that nagging anxiety of body image issues crept in and I thought, but I have a pooch and love handles. Thirty more seconds and my body said, who gives a fuck and I ripped that shirt right off. 🔥 Second, I didn’t know how to control my breathing. Consequently, I experienced utter euphoria about 15 times. You know, the lightheadedness you get after you’ve held a squat for far too long and stood up way too fast? The feeling of oxygen leaving your brain and the sudden dizziness that ensues. Yea, that happened me. A lot. So much so that for the last half of class (could have been the last 3/4, there’s no clocks, I don’t know🤷🏽‍♀️) I literally just laid down. At one point, prior to leaning into my complete and total exhaustion, the instructor, Simonee, looked at me and said “Lay down!” Sis knew the struggle was real!😂😩😂 🔥 I also misunderstood the concept of the towel so I brought a HAND TOWEL to wipe my face. I was sliding all over my yoga mat within ten minutes. It may as well have been coated in crisco. Instructor to the rescue with a towel for my mat, immediately. She was amazing. 🔥 All and all a unique experience for me and something that I very much want to try again. I’ve done Insanity, 21DayFix, Jillian Michaels, 80 Day Obsession. All the hard things. Nothing has challenged me like this did. I’m going back next week💪🏾
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When your BFFs are in town, you SWEAT then play! 💦💙🙏(And then post on insta of course 😬) @joanielauren @ctinebcheck #sweatfam #sweatyoga #letssweatpgh #yogaeverydamnday
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Tomorrow at 1:30pm @laynadakinyoga’s core workshop! 90 mins of ab focused flow. While a six pack is always nice, we get through so much of our practice and daily lives depending on our core.
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Thank you Pittsburgh for voting us “Best Fitness Club” in the ‘Burgh in @pittsburghmagazine! We are so grateful for our talented SWEAT Crew and amazing SWEAT community. 💦💙 8 months of SWEATing and a lot more to come! #letssweatpgh #bestoftheburgh18 #sweatsquad
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a moment in the cosmic dance. . . . 📷 @daradanen x @sweatyoga . . . flow it out tonight, 7 pm & 815 pm yin. tmrw am 7:45, then I’m off 🛫. . . . . reminders: we don’t have to be dancers to dance. we don’t have to be expert yogis to do good yoga. moving however you can in this rental car we call a body is your divine right. figure out what feels truly good to you and for you (and for the greater good), and do more of that. be good. #yoga #sweatyoga
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