Bougainvilleas: She was different and did not look out for danger. She bloomed anywhere she felt like and made no fuss of it either. From highways, dusty lanes to decorous homes, she put up with bare necessities as well as over-nourishment. She did not care about the where and how, all she wanted was to bloom as much as she could to spread the cheer that was bursting out of her in shades of pink. The bougainvillea was a true rebel, the rebel of a sweet kind! The match of this irresistible shade of pink and the soft ‘made in heaven’ mul cotton looks as satisfying as watching soul-mates reunite. A definition of everything a woman can be, this not-to-miss saree drapes you like nothing else can. . #suta #sutastory #sutalove #sutadrapes #sutasaree #mulmul #mulsaree #cottonsaree #loveforcotton #loveforsaree #handloom #handmade #handmadelove #madwwithlove #handwoven #makeinindia #instasaree #sareegram
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I’m a capitalist meaning I usually favor a pay raise over “feels” and hippy stuff, but this was from a professional colleague whose opinion I value. Living the #SUTA, #HLD and #FCO life.
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Hora de diseñar la huerta de 1200 m2 que dará paso a proyectos maravillosos. Para hacerlo real debemos aprender y experimentar día a día, pero para aprender debemos estudiar. Así que manos a la obra 👨‍🏫 💚 . . . . . #suta #sutatausa #colombia #garden #learning #selfsufficient #sustainable #homestead #neocampesinos #study #studygram #undiaenlagranja #autodidacta #autosuficiente @velasqueens @juanpablojuan19
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A child to her son and a mother to her mother, she lived life like she wanted to. When there are no rules then love takes over she believed. It sure did because her son said there was no mother so loving and her mother said there was no daughter as compassionate. This dreamy drape of grey with the subtle stripes of pink is as good as it gets! The enticing elegance of this saree goes up a notch with the Khadi cotton fabric that feels like a breeze of fresh air in summer. Khadi is a fabric that symbolises simplicity, binds us together as a nation. In every part of India, there is a distinct market for Khadi that never seems to diminish. The versatile, eco-friendly fabric is a style statement by itself. Khadi is basically a hand-spun, hand-woven fabric made commonly from cotton. Pure cotton fibres are separated from the cotton plant and are hand-spun on the charkha into thin but resilient yarns. These yarns are sent to weavers who weave it into fabrics suited for the end purpose. Before Gandhiji reinvented and revived Khadi, hand-spun yarns were commonly of poor quality and machine-made yarns were preferred. Indian cotton was bought by Britain and machine manufactured clothes and textiles from Britain were sold in India. They monopolised the market and controlled the sale of textiles. Gandhiji changed the notion of hand-spun yarns being poor in quality by spinning the charkha himself. He encouraged Indian people to spin their own yarns and gave back power to the people to make their own textiles. A simple charkha made way for the people of India to take back control of their destiny and gave them the strength to fight back. Khadi has become synonymous to the feeling of freedom and Indian pride ever since! . #suta #sutadrapes #khadi #khadicotton #grey #iwearhandloom #handloomsarees #handmadewithlove
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Ode to greens: They say electricity is a boon to mankind. Gadgets, wifi, video calls, television – the list surely is long. Every member of the family is now happy, with extra luminance on their faces thanks to their mobiles glowing bright. But, they didn’t realise what true joy was until a power-cut bought them together one fine evening. And, somewhere around them, irony patted its own back for a job well done! This saree is an ode to the greens around us; to the nature. Stop and smell the flowers, take in the magnificence and surround yourself with real beauty. And, don’t forget to let our ‘made in heaven’ mul cotton saree drape you into a bundle of prettiness! . #suta #sutasaree #sutadrapes #mulmul #mulcotton #green #ode #iwearhandloom #handloomsarees #softestcotton #magical #magictouch #ultrasoft #loveforsaree #indianwear
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