If sea levels keep rising, parts of Philly could be underwater by 2100. Keep water where it belongs - the Schuylkill and your local beer. @stbenjaminbrew is one of our featured Clean Crafters, a group of breweries that support 100% wind with Inspire. Want a $50 gift card to this awesome brewery? Sign up using the link in bio. • • • #phillybeerweek #phillylovesbeer #PBW2018 #Philadelphia #Beer #CleanEnergy #RenewableEnergy #Breweries #pbw #craftbeer #sustainablebrewing #windenergy #windpower #phillynightlife #stbenjaminbrewing #stbenjaminstaproom #phillycraftbeer #fishtown
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I tried 8 beers at Fremont: Homefront IPA, Head Full of dynamite & Interurban IPA (as on the picture in same order) and also Pride Kölsch, Wandering wheat, Trial by Haze IPA, Lush IPA and Dark Star stout on nitro. Most of them are decent to good but nothing wowed me! My three best were Pride Kölsch, Interurban IPA and Dark Star nitro! Some have minor flaws with some having notes of ham, paté, onion and shoe box (plastic/sandals), especially in the hazy IPAs and the IPAs missed bright exotic fruit, citrus and/or piney aromas. The most problematic beer was Head Full of Dynamite as the beer had a strong smell of Paris mushroom (champignon de Paris). I hope I'll be able to try some of their big barrel aged beers as the brewery is actually most famous for these beers... #washingtonbeer #fremont #fremontbrewing #kölsch #bee#beertasting #beertravel #sustainablebrewing #beertasting #tasting #seattle #pnwbeer #craftbeer
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Everyone’s best friend this festival season, a signature tote! 👌 With sustainability at the forefront of our business, reusable bags are absolutely essential. On sale at @tasteoflondon this weekend! Biggest thanks to @3rdrailclothing for these
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New product testing underway at the roastery. Pictured here is the world’s most portable & simple coffee dripper. The “Hat” sits atop your mug or cup & features a flexible body and lip, allowing it to adapt to varying mug diameters. Perfect for making a cup of coffee to take with you on the go before work or before heading out on a hike. We also like that it doesn’t need a paper filter making a more sustainable brew. Product Details: • Fill with ground coffee and pour in hot water. • No paper filter required. • Flexible body and lip allows the dripper to adapt to mugs with varying diameters.
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The only thing that should be tapped is the keg, not the earth. @evilgeniusbeer is one of our featured Clean Crafters, a group of breweries that supports 100% wind energy with Inspire. Want a $50 gift card to this awesome brewery? Sign up using the link here: http://www.helloinspire.com/evilgenius • • • #phillybeerweek #phillylovesbeer #PBW2018 #Philadelphia #Beer #CleanEnergy #RenewableEnergy #Breweries #pbw #craftbeer #evilgenuisbeer #sustainablebrewing #windenergy #windpower
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Cheri Chastain from @sierranevada is here discussing what Sierra Nevada does to be sustainable at their brewery. 🍺#sierranevadabrewing #fishnick #fstc #sustainablebrewing
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FSTC's Michael Slater is presenting "Mastering the Craft of Sustainable Brewing" and discussing his findings from working with @eightbridgesbrewing in Livermore, Ca. #fishnick #fstc #eightbridgesbrewing #sustainablebrewing
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Our friends at @foundersbrewing, Cody and Brad, started feeding Founders wastewater into the newly constructed pipeline down Market Avenue that feeds directly into the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF). This allows WRRF to load balance all 140,000 gallons of wastewater we’ll get from Founders every day. We’ll hold it in a tank until the middle of the night, when the volume at WRRF Is lower and we can better manage the quantity. Does anyone know what the bulk of a craft brewery’s waste is made of?
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