A long exposure from earlier this afternoon. It has been a while since I made a long exposure. Using a 10 stop ND filter, that something you may want to google if you have no idea what it is... It essentially is a filter I put in front of the camera lens which reduced the amount of light getting to the sensor by 10 times, it is very fucking dark, that's what it is. It enables me to make a long, 35 seconds long exposure, in the middle of the afternoon... in bright daylight. I made the photo using a Nikon D850. The iso was set to Low 1 which is the equivalent of iso 31 according to Adobe Bridge. Made using an old Nikkor 17-35/2.8 set to f/16 - Everything else set to manual on the camera - The camera exposure time was set to bulb, I used a programmable remote timer to set my exposure to 35 seconds. For this one I waited for a tour boat to get into my shot to have these trails - yes that is a tour boat #thisisparis #topparisphoto #communityfirst
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