you know what i hate, art rule shitters, anatomy cocksuckers, beginners who realized structural body paradigms exist and now shoehorn that shit everywhere like its the only thing that matters. if i see one more noob kind of chicken tracer moron lecture me on female spines, while they themselves draw it "wrong", and like anime. i will birth a lamb of three legs. its the kind of guy who takes a look at your drawing and asks, where's the jaw? repeat that question in your head. have you reader ever seen hentai? where's the jaw? i always think of them repeating their dumbass questions in different points in the history of humanity. 2012 press conference Madoka Magica artists getting interviewed by megacorporations, and then the shitter asks, but where's the jaw? everybody looks at the guy, reactionless. some anime fuckshit backdrop studio in who knows when in the 90s, Ryutaro Nakamura is making a soon-to-be classic cult Kino's Journey, a question flies in the air, But where's the jaw? you cant have a human without a jaw. Nakamura looks around confused. Little does he know he will yet direct one of the weirdest anime to date, and there he is is being questioned wheres the jaw of this cuteass potato anime pistoleer lass. the fool enters a church in exactly the year 1000. where's the jaw? the priests look at him as one looks at the feeble mind of a snail. he jumps to a meeting between picasso and kandinsky. where's the jaw? they monologue about how bidents are time machines. every crazy old art teacher in postmodern history suddenly turn their heads to the Mecca. where's the jaw? God does not answer. they have a blast. Literally. They blow up the mecca. a million rabbits pop from ground zero like a magician's hat gone wild. in the enthralls of the backs the mind fizzles. my coffee smells like cat piss. a hand enters my body and steadfast grips organs i didnt know i had- in my translucent coma i think to myself; they dont make mad as if time devoured everything. suicide. #catpiss #jawless #crazyartteacher #wronganatomy #criticism #thinkitthrough #madokamagica #kinosjourney #anatomy #potatoanime #sunsetgirls #coffeesmell #artistproblems #rabbithole #artrules
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