Look at the difference in Celery! When I got her last year, she had such bad Metabolic Bone Disease that every part of her shell was squishy. My vet and his staff couldn’t believe how bad she was. She’s a slow grower and weighs barely 5 pounds instead of weighing 15+ pounds like most 6 year old sulcatas. I’m not sure if she’ll ever grow full size because of how sickly she was for the first 5 years of her life. Because Sulcatas are such adorable baby tortoises, they are one of the most sold babies and the single most dumped adult tortoises. It is a tragedy. Most sulcatas won’t survive until their 5th birthday, but those that do will be bounced from home to home as they get bigger and grumpier. Male sulcatas are very territorial and mean; when they ram you, they can easily bruise your legs. All Sulcatas need a lot of room and a lot of food. Tortoise rescues all over America are overflowing with big sulcatas— there just aren’t enough homes for them. And yet you can still find babies for $25 on Craig’s List because it is SO easy to breed them. Sulcatas, iguanas, and red ear slider turtle populations have reached a critical state in rescue. There needs to be immediate bans on selling them in pet stores and adoption & education promoted. #tortoisesofinstagram #reptilerescue #sul#sulcataoise #sulcatasofinstagram #sulcata #pamperedbeardies
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