I want you to imagine what it would feel like if you were totally and completely loved. The same way you would be loved if you were a newborn baby and your parents were just gushing over you and couldn't stop staring at you and were looking at you. Just so loving you for being on earth, just for being born, just for being theirs. Imagine being loved that much. I want you to notice how good it feels to get all that love. Pure love. You don't need to be good at basketball or wear the prettiest dress. You don't need to get good grades. You don't need to be nice to your brother and sister. You are just alive. You're just getting all that love, infinite amounts of love. You are amazing. You are infinitely loved. . . . #getclientstoday #bizcoach #contentcreator #successmindset #gratitudeattitude #businesscoach #personalcoach #instantmiracle #abundanceunleashed #soulpreneur #empowered #gratefulheart #spiritualgrowth #spiritualhealing #smallbiz #inspiredaily #lifecoaching #successcoach #abundant #abundantlife #ChristianMickelsen
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What type of intentions are you setting for your life? If intention brings about our ideas ... we should try our best to make sure our ideas align with our best intentions. . . Branden Collinsworth @brandencollinsworth has such an amazing, impactful story which is why we wanted to have him on the Be That 1% podcast during our month of “Master Minds”. As a Nike Master Trainer he completely understands the mind-body relationship and how to challenge both of them and make sure they’re both fit. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with his Masters in Positive Psychology and is currently studying in Bali, Indonesia. 🌏 . . Things we’re always so peachy though. Branden grew up in the streets of North Las Vegas in some pretty tough areas. He opens up about his living situations, having to worry about roaches and never having hot water. He ended up dropping out of High School and then went later to finish his education. He talks about the one thing he could control was his mind and body and that was one thing he constantly worked on. 💪🏼 . . He had a strong desire to make it in life and to prove a kid from the streets of Vegas could make something of himself. He ended up going to UNLV and starting a foundation called Jump For Joy and then set his sights on grad school. It took him 2 years to complete his application to U of Penn. When he got accepted and attended the program, so many people including his program director told him he wasn’t cut out for Ivy League. Still he persisted and graduated with his masters. 🎓 . . His life has been full of no’s … but the one thing that has made a difference is his vision for himself and to create his YES opportunities for himself. . . You have to take hold and create your life or you’ll end up floating to places that don’t align with you. . . Let us know what you think of this episode and what part of Branden’s story hits you the strongest. . . #bethatonepercent #bethat1% #1% #mindset #mindful #beyourbestyou #dreambigger #suc#successmindset #nike #nikemastertrainer #niketrainer #positivevibes #positivethinking #neverstoplearning #ownyourlife #success #determination #mindsetofgreatness
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"It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure..." - Joseph Campbell
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