4c edges laid with gel or edge control? Possible or impossible? Worth it or waste of time? Today I tested out my eco styler gel vs Hicks edge control to see who’s chokehold was on point!!😂😂 It was fun to compare but unruly edges always come through none he less. ECO STYLER FOR THE WIN!!What can I say...my hair has no rules or boundaries🤷🏾‍♀️ Music: Do It Musician: @iksonofficial . . . . . #afrohair #naturalhair #naturalhairstyles #fabuloushair #coilykinkycurls #kinkytexturedhair #afrohairstyles #stylingafrohair #4chair #4cnaturalhair #healthyhairjourney #growingnaturalhair #allthingshair #nappyheadedchick #nappyandhappy #afrobeauty #blackhair
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Refreshing my day 3 curls. . 1️⃣ with hair in 2 sections, wet curls using a spray bottle mixture with water and oils. Mine contains @jamaicanmangoandlime castor oil with peppermint, @rig@righteousrootsoils and @can@cantubeautyuk cream conditioner 2️⃣finger detangle 3️⃣apply @cantubeautyuk leave-in repair cream 4️⃣add some @boucleme curl cream (you only need a small amount of products as your curls will be wet from water) follow this up with the light creme gel 5️⃣ repeat to section section 6️⃣ use @curlkeeper original on my top back section which frizzes. At this point i undo the sections and fluff my hair into the shape i want it 7️⃣ apply a heat protectant spray like this one by @mielleorganics and diffuse on medium settings. I use a diffuser by @curlflo on a @babylissuk hairdryer . . And done! I only refresh my curls with water on day 3 and 5. Other days during the week i just add a little oil or gel and fluff my hair out. Using this mix of products even my day 6/7 curls look great. . While i have a few different spray mixtures (who doesnt) mixing water, conditioner and oils is my fave. @righteousrootsoils is the best for detangling my hair meaning finger combing is a breeze, the conditioner keeps it soft and stops it drying out too much. Castor oil is what is making my hair grow so fast lately! If you dont have some go get some!
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