Said goodbye to this piece on Sunday, now it’s on the West Coast in a holiday art lottery! Sad to see it go but exciting that it will end up with a conservator/material culture expert (it’s a workplace lottery). A new series of these will be coming in early next year! #weaving #vä#väv #studiosupersju #väv #woven #handwoven #handvävd #scandinaviantextiles #flossa #fiberart #textileart #tekstil #textilkonst #textilkonsthantverk #vev #væv
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Painting on the weft in a sort of instant ikat-technique, mixed up with painting on the already woven parts and brightening up the color by adding water here and there, which causes the blue pigment to creep out of the red/blue mix. #miriamsportfolio #studiosupersju
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Idag blev det reportage hos #studiosupersju i #årsta. Spännande ljudmiljö med vävstolar och tyg - ja tyg kan faktiskt låta! Resultatet hur du i en podd nära dig inom några månader. #radioliv #poddliv #zoomh6 #akg
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The 2019 edition of #weaveofthemonthclub is now live! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Click the link in my profile to read more and join 🌟
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Want to make the stuff I make, or need the perfect gift for the weaver in your life? Weave of the Month Club 2019 is released tomorrow (Wed 5 Dec) at 6 pm Central European Time/12 noon EST! The digital subscription includes a PDF of a 4-harness draft sent to your inbox each month, and if you buy one of the 40 analog memberships I’ll send you a handwoven sample and a yarn card in the mail as well 🌟. DM me with questions and click the link in my profile to read about last year’s edition today and tomorrow to purchase!
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Join Weave of the Month Club 2019 and make stacks on stacks (of textiles). You get a four-harness pattern sent to your inbox on the first day of each month! There are 40 analog memberships that I’m releasing tomorrow (Wed 5 Dec) at 6 pm Central European Time/12 noon EST, and those include a handwoven sample and a yarn card. Click the link in my profile to read about last year’s edition, and check back on that page tomorrow at that time to join!
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Do you also want to get adorable samples and yarn charts so you can weave the things I make? Sign up for an analog subscription to the 2019 #weaveofthemonthclub ! There will be about 40 available, so act fast when I open up membership tomorrow, Wednesday December 5 at 6 pm Central European Time (12 noon EST)! There are unlimited digital subscriptions so you definitely won’t miss out on getting a PDF of a modern Swedish weaving pattern sent to your inbox every month. (FYI, next year I won’t be sending paper copies with the samples unless specially requested!) DM me with questions and click the link in my profile to read about the 2018 edition and see a gallery of past projects. The prices will be somewhat higher but the digital subscription will still only be 6 USD/month! And 2019 we pare down to 4 harnesses by popular request. So excited to start this new year with you! 🌟 #weaving #vävning #studiosupersju #handwoven #handvävd #scandinaviantextiles #swedishdesign #textil #tekstil #textiles #fiberart #bruksföremål #nyttokonst #inredning #interiör #sjal #svenskmode #svenskull #ullgarn #ekenäshantverk #gotlandsfår #weavealong #åretsjulklapp2019
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Winter blues and Nordingrå mountains on what will be my last project of 2018 - a stole for my dad (which he got as a gift last Christmas....hehe). The stole is part of his attire when working as a clergyman/priest in the Swedish church. He choose the color purple, which is used during fasting up until Easter. It stands for regret/repentance and penance. After Easter the color changes to white, and so will this stole have a white side - I'm thinking of it as skymning/gryning or dusk/dawn. I REALLY don't like purple - so it's a big challenge for me working with it - but at the same time I really do relate to the symbolic means of darkness before light, like the landscapes where I'm from. High mountains and deep valleys, my mood as an artist can go from the sweetest tops of joy and creative happiness to the deepest depths of self-doubt and anxiety. This is quite an experiment - I've never done a full weave with this direct painting on the warp and weft technique before! 😅 But it's fun! Stay tuned for updates... #miriamsportfolio #studiosupersju
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