The best revenge is seeing me smile no matter how hard you hit me. 😀#strongindependentwoman #cheretlang✌
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Done 👍 Look after our Women in Ireland. Caring and compassionate healthcare. Think of your sisters, family, friends, daughters, future daughters. Make a change, move our country forward #repealthe8th#maketherightchoice#getthefacts#prochoice#supportwomen#mychoice#myopinion#strongindependentwoman ❤️
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The morning I bought a car. I was still drunk from the night before, but I got a killer deal and got offered a job to work for their sales team 😂 #BetterHagglerWhenDrunk #NoFsGiven #strongindependentwoman
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About last night ❤️ We have celebrated “Flavors in the garden” with @vivaromania and I wore a beautiful “meshup” dress which perfectly describes my style - half princess like & half #strongindependentwoman 😁 Thank you for this beautiful dress @jaissedotcom // #lastminutecouture #luanacodreanu #lmcstyling
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in today’s ever increasing hostility between the sexes, one of the greatest pitfalls is #duplicity. we’re quick to tell men they’re not entitled to a woman’s body, but many women feel entitled to #chivalry, their gas being pumped, given money, etc. we’ll tell men they need to be sincere, honest, non-controlling, etc in order to best succeed in dating, then turn around and shame #niceguys for observing guys who are the complete opposite seem to get all the #pussy. just to show i can be equally critical of men: you have guys that go out of their way to nail anything that walks, but will call a woman a #slut if she has had more than one guy in her. there’s others who think it’s ok to call women #bitches unilaterally, but will get heated at any #niggasaintshit comments they come across. as someone who’s been through my fair share of #femalebullshit it’s taken a lot of #wooosah to understand each side has valid beef. For women no matter how quick they are to call themselves a #strongindependentwoman they feel an innate vulnerability that occupies their mind at all times. From personal safety, to #consent, how sexually active they are, and much more women truly believe they have to be on guard ALL the time. (hence the #restingbitchface) as for us, #ladies the simplest way i can explain it is this: if you expect men to wait on you hand & foot, you have to be WORTH the effort. very few of us find the #disneyprincessattitude attractive. you demanded to be treated as #equals which is fine. just don’t pitch a fit when we hold you to that
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Siła jest w nas , zawsze damy rade jakby nie było. Stay strong ! 💪😎 #goodmorning #pozitive #goodthing #strongindependentwoman #staystrong #everytime
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