Yesterday I shared the results of my latest pinch test and I’m so proud with the results. I’ve been training with @ron@ronnieincerta at @oakfit for half a year now and it’s been one of the best experiences. It’s made me fall in love with fitness all over again. I’ve dropped 5% body fat and and gained almost 5lbs lean muscle. I’m down to 18.4% body fat and you guys! It’s so validating. But let’s add some context to that. - I wasn’t sure what to expect for my third biosignature test. I wasn’t sure if I had even made any progress especially after the holidays. When you’re in the process, it’s so hard to see your results because it’s so incremental each time. It’s easy to focus on what you aren’t doing well (for me that’s nutrition), and sometimes you lose sight of what you are doing right. The metrics are a benchmark and they give a clear starting point and a direction. My total weight was pretty much the same, but my lean mass and body fat changed so much. Remember that! The number on the scale doesn’t provide the full picture. 😉 - My fitness goal was to become strong and to love my body. It was also to learn how to train with intention and to make sure I take care of my body so that this incredible vessel won’t quit on me when I’m older (bad knees). I didn’t set out to lose weight or even to reach a goal body fat either. Those things happened as part of the process and it’s pretty fxcking awesome to see the results on paper. - Thank you @ronnieincerta for taking me under your wing, answering all 100+ questions, being my videographer, participating in my boomerangs, and putting up with my crazy self. Here’s to hitting more benchmarks. What’s next?! - pc @maribelmoralesphoto #und#underarmourwomen #underarmour
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Set yourself up for success! Book your rowers in advance, bring your #fitfam, and start your weekend strong. Come see Coach Brandon Friday morning and all day Saturday 💪 #fullpressure #theperfectexercise
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It's been awhile since I've shared my story, my WHY for who I am, and why I chose a career in fitness. With all these 10 year transformation posts, I had to share ❤️. * Picture on the left brings tears to my eyes, still to this day. Just a young 20 year old, and SO lost. I let perfection get the best of me. I let images of models from magazines get the best of me. I completely lost who I was, and I went spiraling down. * My eating disorder started when I was in high school. Cheerleader, dating the Football Captain, Homecoming Queen... If you know me now SO. NOT. ME. But I felt this huge urge to fit in, to be noticed, to feel pretty, to feel loved. * I became the party girl, followed no rules, and controlled every single thing that I ate. I worked out every day (not lifting heavy like I do now 😜🏋️‍♀️.) I wouldn't even go out until I had worked out or ran. * It has taken a LOT to get where I am today. But honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't be where I am today, helping change people's lives, whether struggling with a disorder or not. * I hope if you're reading this, and you struggle with your weight, just know that your weight does NOT define you! We are our worst critics, and society wants us to believe that perfection exists. EAT THE PIZZA, don't beat yourself up if you skipped two days at the gym. Your jean size is JUST a number! You are beautiful as you are! Work on being a stronger more confident you from within, and it will show on the outside ❤️.
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This little guy is my new best #frienemy. Today was supposed to be a run but I've been a bit under the weather so I decided to push it back a day. However, I didn't want to totally bail on today, so I decided to have a quick date with Mr. Bell and really hit my legs and core. #iamarunner #run #running #runnergirl #runnersofinstagram #5ktraining #progress #strongbodystrongmind #keto #keepgoing #ketogenicdiet #ketosis #health #wellness #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #strengthtraining #kettlebell #core #legs #kiss
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🧀Cheesin' on my night run🧀 We had a bookstore/running group event tonight and I got a chance to run a bit afterwards. It wasnt as chilly as I thought it would be but then again I was wearing: base layer pants👖, base layer 👕, compression socks 🧦, jacket🧥, puffy vest🎽, outer layer pants 👖, hat, gloves, and reflective gear. PHEW I cannot wait until we don't have to haul our closets out with us on every run!!!! Getting a few inches of snow this weekend so maybe I'll need to add yaktrax and snow pants next 🤪. . . . #thursdaymotivation #bocogear #runlocal #runct #runninginspiration #runlikeagirl #womenwhorun #girlpower #womensrunningcommunity #runnermom #runninglife #motherrunner #runnergirl #strongmom #active #whatsyouractive #imoveme #irunthisbody #therungroup #runningworld #igrunners #instarunners #runnersgonnarun #hustlethatmuscle #strongbodystrongmind
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Y’all.... because I keep it real and share the journey with you.... an anxiety attack tagged along with some friends 😳. And I can tell you that it’s painful and irritating - And will be gone within 3 days and yes I saw the doctor and I have the proper ways to treat it. . I have been exhausted and haven’t eaten for two days. And now I’ve missed 3 days of our new program {but my ladies are fucking killing it! Shoutout to them!}. Tomorrow I will be back at it though full swing! . Do not bore me with your sympathies. You know that’s not why I do this. I just like to share with you struggles and the imperfections that come with things that you deal with in your life, your situations, your environment. Health is more than just food and fitness - it’s mental and emotional. Don’t forget it!! 😘
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When a girl is working out & tightens her ponytail, you KNOW it's about to go down! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Day 4! #Power #NotAStatistic #EverySweatMatters #ollinandwell
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