It has been SUCH a privilege to explore the art of teaching aerial with @paperdollmilitia this month! Their enthusiasm for making aerial arts accessible, their care for the community, and their openness to new ideas is beyond inspiring. Special thanks also to Anna at Afreaka Aerials in Oxford for hosting these trainings! • • • #aerialistsofinstagram #aerialteachertraining #aerialhooptricks #aerialhooplove #backbendsandbeyond #foothat #lyra #aerialnation #sockgamestrong #aerialring #bluehairs #strongandbendy
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Beautiful lighting work by during a studio shoot. Throwing back to the dreaded days in my favorite inversion! #studioshoot #yogamodel #yogaeverydamnday #photography
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1st weekend of teacher training complete. My heart is full!! Looking forward to what the next 7 months bring. I already feel like a new person.
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Do you have those huge knots on top of your traps? Do your shoulders round forward? Are you feeling stressed? ▫️This restorative pose is perfect for opening up the chest & shoulders and combatting Upper Cross Syndrome. ➖ 🙏 Put your legs in supported butterfly to gently open your hips with two throw pillows. 🙏 Roll up a blanket or use another block for extra support under your head. 🙏 Place a yoga block in between your shoulders blades. 🙏 Feel free to play with the arm variations by making circles, extending your arms overhead, or holding cactus arms. Hold each variation for 8-10 breaths.
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Not gonna lie, I’ve got mine on tonight 😉#hyggelife #autumnnights #snuggles
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