Personalized Monograms are great gifts!🎁🎀🎊 ➡Order yours at link in bio⬅ #butterflycustoms
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Day 4 of #MyXposeFave which is "your favorite stretch". I normally do my "Core V" balance (will show that later) -- but opted for my other go-to's: Flat Back stretch, my "Crow Leg straddle" stretch, and a Vertical Side Split! There ya have it @xposefitness. #Day4 #Stretches did you guys hear that bone crack though? It ain't easy! 😂😉 #WinterFit #ALotOfCore! #Balance I look forward to havimg all wooden floors in a few weeks, I am over the carpet!
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RISE AND SHINE! | Start your every day with an energizing morning stretch sequence - Stretching in the morning gets the blood flow going, alleviates stiffness from your joints, helps circulation, boosts your energy and increases flexibility. Stretching may also accelerate endorphins to the brain helping relieve stress and anxiety. - Morning stretches should be performed lightly and can be done in 10 mins! Some people prefer to stretch after a warm shower or a gentle walk. Some of our favourite morning stretches include cat-cow and cobra pose (yoga), seated neck release, shoulder rolls, standing side stretch, standing quad and glute stretches and forward fold hamstring stretch. Stretch tips - Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat each side. If you stretch straight out of bed, stretch more gently. Breathe deeply, slowly and evenly into your belly. No sudden or jerky movements. Don’t force it. #riseandshine
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Coming out of hibernation for my 3:00 wiggles 🤘🏼
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Friday vibes, hope everyones well? A little sleep in this morning, no school kids go back early February. I am back a few hours in store. Pools this afternoon to cool off as gonna be a warm day. Enjoy your day and stay cool. 😊😎☕🍉👙
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We live in The Information Age if you didn't know. This means that a lot of our work is centered around, you guessed it, information. We produce information and we consume information. It's what makes the world go 'round. But how do you know what information is worth listening to? In order to not be taken away by every ad and whim, our ears need to become personal information curators. Who do you know whom to trust and where to turn? #ramblingthoughts - #oxn #oxtribe #healthygut #collagenandkindness #grassfed #paleoish #pastureraised #proteinpowder #healthyjourney #healthyish #barrefitness #beproactive #crossfitters #thrusters #smallgrouptraining #triathletes #healthyvibes #stretches #biohacking #healthylivingjourney #twincities #freestuf #coffeelove #thanksalatte #begrateful #december #itstheholidays
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