Anyone down to take a 6 month vacation somewhere warm? Cause that’s what your girl needs right about now 😅🤦🏻‍♀️😂 #selfie #vacation #needone #stressed #tired #wherethepalmtreesat
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Do you do a weekly review? If not, try 30 minutes of cleaning up your workspace, lists and calendar. Look at what you having coming up this week. If you do it, you might just feel a sense of control over all the stuff that might be currently overwhelming you.
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Happy 420 everyone sorry this is a little late we just got back from the hospital my boy got hurt but he's all better now. I'm so stressed from having 6 panic attacks within 2 hours I need to FINALLY smoke up🌿🔥💨 and breathe #420 #420friendly #happy420 #clock #stressed #cannabiscommunity #herbs
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