*Unpaid advertising, as the brand is mentioned [Ad] *Unbezahlte Werbung, da Markennennung [Ad] -> new German law The Car Prk Session *3 Bremen, June 23rd 2018 /all rights belonging to my dick in my Calvin Klein panties #calvinklein in my Cheap Monday trousers #che#cheapmonday The car park behind me, the ground I'm having my feet on as the plants in the backround are property of the city of Bremen, Germany #bremen or maybe of some investor, I don't know. Even the whole air captioned in this photo is property of the city of Bremen, Germany or property of all humans that pollute the air I have to breathe. The property of the camera this photo was taken of is Canon #canon📷 (Even if I bought this camera with the money I earned, paid by a job that has nothing to deal with advertising) The clothes I wore on this photo (I also bought them with the money I earned on my own because I got a passion for fashion and I like to get out of my body the best and all clothes were not sponsored by any of the following brand): Sunglasses: Dior #Dior Jacket: COS #cosstores Tee: Damir Doma #damirdoma Trouser: Cheap Monday #cheapmonday Shoes: Adidas #adidas Bracelet: Tiffany & Co #tiffany
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hi 👋 my name is will and I seriously love canada 🇨🇦 i’m not even kidding
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