I remember hating the gym so much! I used to make every excuse to skip the gym lol . . . Other than being lazy I realized that it was because I didn’t know what I was doing. With that I learned that most of the things we hate, we hate because we don’t know how to do them or we are lacking knowledge. . . . Once I educated my self and was able to make the changes to my body I started to like it. . . . Same concept applies to everything in life, when you don’t like what you’re doing, you better get studying and trying to figure out how to get better, and I guarantee you will start liking it. . . . I often hear people tell other people they have to do what they like and if they don’t like something they shouldn’t do it. Well I have always had to do more things that I didn’t like than I liked. . . . If you want to reach your goals expect to do more things that you don’t like rather than those that you do like, and if you don’t like it you better not quit because life will slap you in your fucking mouth 🤕. . . . Let get it! 🔥 . . . #peptalk#motivational#motivationaltalk#story#storytime#storyofmylife#sonofentrepreneur#thingsyouhate#dislike#like#thingsyoulove#selflove#personaldevelopment
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🤣🤣 @iAmBarelySaved I’m working on it. 🙄😂😫 • • • #forget #forgot #ItMayBeAwHile 😂 #storyOfMyLife • • Good Sunday folks. 💋🌹🥥✌🏽
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