Lilac were always very special for me. There was a big bush of lilacs right next to my school. Me and my friend used to cut boutiques of them and bring home. Lilac season is very short and fragrant. It's the scent of freedom, sandals, light dresses, skirts without tights, beginning of the summer, first heat waves, nostalgia. 🌸
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If you are happy and you know it DO More Squarts!!!! #🍑 #stormkingartcenter
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Escaping the city for some fresh air and culture #upstatenewyork #stormkingartcenter
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Come sit with me under the tree. If I listen to you, will you listen to me? Hold my hand, put your head on my shoulder, let’s stay together as we grow older. #bench #tree #stormkingartcenter #outdoors #quoteoftheday
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