Manhattan’dan sadece 95 km uzaklaştık ve kendimizi Hudson Vadisi’nde, Storm King tepesinin eteklerindeki ormanlık alana gizlenmiş, büyüleyici bir heykel cennetinde bulduk. Burası devasa heykellerin özgürce yaşadıkları, oksijen soludukları, sanki biz arkamızı dönünce çimlerde yuvarlandıkları başka bir dünya gibi. Storm King Heykel Parkı, 1960’lardan beri çağdaş sanatçıları destekliyor, koleksiyonuna sürekli yeni heykeller ekliyor ve bunları içinde göletler, tepeler, korular, çayırlar barındıran 200 hektarlık bahçesinde mükemmel şekilde sergiliyor. Sanat seven ziyaretçilere ise müzenin parkında gün boyu yürüyüş yaparak eserleri keşfetmek, eserlerin doğa ile ilişkisini görüp büyülenmek düşüyor. Daha fazla fotoğraf story’deki “Storm King” albümünde. Eserler ve hakkında bilgiler ‘daki yazımızda, link profilde #bayaiyinewyork #stormking #stormkingartcenter #sculpture #art #nikontürkiye #nikond5 #nikond500 #travel
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Work/life balance = @wgsn peeps + art + nature. 🌿🦋🦔🎨 #workfieldtrip #stormking
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A cultured Friday on the Hudson. #stormking #weatheredsteel #rustneversleeps
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What do you get when you combine 500 acres with the largest collection of outdoor contemporary art in the US? Storm King! 🌿 That’s where we traveled yesterday for our #mam#mam#mamaventure> Thursdays! It was a bit of a trek to get there (hour and 45 mins each way from Port Authority, even though it was supposed to be an hour 15 mins), but the views were worth it! 🚌 And it’s all about the journey right? 🛣 We lucked out with the weather too, it stopped raining when we got there and the ominous clouds overlooking the rolling hills and artwork made the whole experience very picturesque. 🏞 Since starting our #mamaventures a couple of months ago, I’ve begun to rate each place based on a few criteria: accessibility, views, dining experience, educational component for kids, and affordability. Here’s how I rate Storm King 👑 : ✨ 1. Accessibility - 2: This place wasn’t close, but it gets bumped up to a 2 because it had a direct bus and the views along the way were lovely. ✨ 2. Views - 5: the photos say it all! ✨ 3. Dining Experience - 1.5: this is the one area that I was really disappointed in, because after hours of trekking, we always like to take a break with a drink for Mama and bottle for H. The makeshift cafe was a 10 minute walk from the visitor’s center along a winding path, and they only offered sandwiches, salads out of the fridge and some beer and wine 🍷 And there aren’t any restaurants walking distance from Storm King either ✨ 4. Educational component - 2.5: there was inspirational artwork for sure, but I wouldn’t call it super educationally stimulating, even the visitor’s center museum didn’t have much interactivity for kids or adults. ✨ 5. Affordability - 3: Roundtrip bus + entrance fee to museum = $48 + 17 for food/drink, for a total of $65. Not bad, but not amazing either. ✨ This averaged out to a total of 2.8, which I’d say is pretty accurate. For those who don’t care about the dining experience as much, this will bump up much higher in terms of experience. Overall, another great #mamaventure, with beautiful views!
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#stormking is #probs the best #mountain name I wish that was my nickname #🤠
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🔮 #stormking
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