#Repost @davidkovaluk ・・・ When you catch that one blinding angle of sunlight on the arch. This was captured some time back in October I believe. They have been making some awesome progress on those arch grounds! . . . . . #stl #stlouis #stlouisarch #stlouisgram #archgroundsexpansion #architecture #landscape #movingonup #monochrome #mississippiriver
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Is anyone else hoping March showers bring April flowers this year? We do - because we cannot wait to start shooting all of the magical spreads we have been dreaming, planning and collaborating on the last few weeks with all of our #Scouted members for our first volume in #stl. Speaking of adorable #ScoutedBusinesses - we are just melting over these photos of the darling @pinkpreppymom mom modeling for our very own scouted business @pin@pinkmagnoliastl. Just a friendly reminder that @pinkmagnoliastl is a locally owned and operated #lil#lillypulitzer boutique for those who support our #shoplocal mission. Even on a rainy weekend there’s nothing like a hot pink door and #spring #lillypulitzer pattern to brighten your day! #livelocalstl #stlblogger #stlstylist #stlouisgram #stlboutique
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Repost @shfty78 ・・・ . 🎶 One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey! Well, there's too much traffic, I can't pass, no! So I tried my best illegal move Well, baby, black and white come and touched my groove again! Gonna write me up a 125 Post my face wanted dead or alive Take my license, all that jive I can't drive 55! Oh No! 🎶
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