∆ SAVE THE WEST BERKELEY SHELLMOUND ∆ From @micahbazant "If like me you are a settler on Ohlone land, please support the Ohlone people to defend this sacred site, the West Berkeley Shellmound. . Join us to honor the ancestors, this Memorial Day, Mon. 5/28, 10-11:30am at the shellmound (1900 Fourth Steet Berkeley, CA) Visit shellmound.org to plug in + learn a lot more. . This site was the original village of human settlement in the Bay. Its 5700 yrs old—older than the Egyptian pyramids & most of the major cities in the world. Towering over the village was a great mound, over 20' high & hundreds of feet long, one of the largest of the 425 shellmound funerary monuments that once lined the shores of the SF Bay. . . Settlers destroyed these mounds and said they were "garbage heaps". But they contain sacred objects & ancestral remains. As Ohlone leader Corrina Gould said "no one buries their ancestors in a garbage heap." "We need to continue our obligations that were given to us by our ancestors to sing there, to pray there, to have communication. Our spirituality is not based in churches and in buildings—it is place based.” Now developers are trying to build condos there. . Corrina described what the village might have looked like, and came up with the concept for this poster. Now all people see there is a parking lot. We wanted to help people imagine the beauty of this sacred ancient place. . Last year, Indigenous elders at Standing Rock asked us to Bring It Home and Build A New Legacy. This means supporting local Indigenous struggles that may seem less glamorous but have a deep impact." . #savewestberkeleyshellmound#savetheshellmound #protectsacredsites#protectthesacred #wbs #Huichin #lisjan#ohlone #wearestillhere #berkeley #stillhere #memorialday - #regrann
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Like Urkel in a race, I wanna win-slow. #process #stillhere
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Yes!! ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽#nativepride ♻ from @native_look_at_life - I’ve seen a lot of people hate on the immigrants. I’ve heard a lot of people to tell others to speak English. I’ve seen and watched a lot of hate towards everyone. I watched my culture get appropriated. I saw how they threw away the importance of my culture just for their own selfishness. I see them angry, selfish, resentful, disrespectful to anyone who isn’t like them. There’s so much we can do alone but as a whole we can make things happen. We can never stop fighting for the land. It is our home. It has never once belonged to us. We have always and undeniably will belong to the land. #native #nativelivesmatter #northamerica #injustice #weareheretoo #indigenous #nativeamerican #stillhere
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