You may not know this... but I am pretty sure Karl made this #kar#kar#kar#karlwho bag after a chance encounter with my mom. When I first moved to Europe over 20 years ago I lived in Paris for 5 years on the corner of Rue de Seine and Rue de L’echaude upstairs from what was at the time the #karllagerfeld gallery in #stgermaindespres in the 6eme arrondissement. In the courtyard of my apartment his team hand stitched #hautecouture and #parisian models hung out looking impossibly thin. From time to time I would see Karl and I always hoped for a glimmer of recognition. And while he mostly ignored me once in passing near my mail boxes he nodded in the same “yes #IAmWhoIAm” way Johnny Depp once knodded at me as he entered his then girlfriend - and my neighbor- Vanessa Paradis Paris apartment. And then one day I met Karl at lunch and he never forgot me.... Or rather I should say he never forgot my mom. From then on when we passed on the street or in my building he would acknowledged me with a nod of recognition and closed mouthed smile. I was the girl with “the mother”. My mom has come to visit me in Paris. And we were lunching in a cafe on the Rue de Buci when Karl sat down beside us his arm nearly touching that of my mother. I immediately whispered to my mother... “That’s Karl.” She immediately responded loudly... #karlwho? Again I whispered explaining and again she responded in a loud voice... #karlwho!?? Eventually after her third loud question #karlwho embarrassed I said “I will tell you later!” To which mom turned and touched Karl’s arm.... and said the famous phrase, “I am so sorry. I didn’t know you were famous.” I was horrified - but Karl merely smiled a tight lipped closed mouth smile and nodded. Years later when this bag (and T-shirt etc) came out I knew my mom had made her stamp on the fashion world. RIP Karl. The thing that was amazing afterwards I asked my mother - “what were you thinking?” And she said, “I didn’t want his feelings to be hurt that I didn’t know who he was!” :) I felt I needed to apologize!!!
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