Stefe- Buzzin, out now on SoundCloud. Check it out now on SoundCloud. First single off upcoming project releasing in the fall. #stefe #buzzin #newmusic #single #toronto #eastcoasthiphop
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Women that speak your language AND let u dream out loud : KEEPERS 🦄 #unicornTribe #aboutLASTNIGHT ALL.THE.FEELS & so inspired after coaching my very first #yogaFlow event!! No, I'm not certified just yet but thanks to my dear friend of over 25 years& the brave decision to share my health passion thru my yoga challenges, I got the opportunity to play around with a dream of mine since 6th grade gymnastics while living in Oklahoma with my Mama❣️ which for those of u who know my full story, know that was an extremely dark place in my life, out of my control, at 11years old. Addiction is an ugly disease & my inspiration came after being inspired by my own Coach, who just so happened to love HEADSTANDS ❤️ Every beam practice she made us do headstand challenges before & would tell us the entire time all the health benefits yoga does for your body ✨which has become my signature pose along my 20year yoga & dance journey 💜 #findingBalance #diyJob They say to know where you're going, you have to know where you came from and until getting my mental clarity (thanks to ketones) & spirituality back (thanks to yoga with a touch of Jesus), knowing where u came from was just a city you grew up in. But it’s actually the challenges you face along the way that can take your life full circle & transform you, if u allow it. Savoring the good is easy, but finding the silver lining thru the chaos is where the magic begins and why Yoga was so important for me at an early age. It’s positive. It lets u slip away 🧘🏻‍♀️ from all the pain & empathetic energy that surrounds us. We’re hurting as a country & society. Can’t u feel it? Life is hard& we're connected for a reason. Stop letting Satan & fear win, lock arms with life again #joinMe #wereNEVERtooOld #newBeginnings #danceLife #yogiLife #highVibes #loveThruLife #buildingEmpires & BADASS #bossbabes #fükTikets💋💪🏻 PS~thanks for believeing in me before I believed in myself @satinne_wicker the amazing pics @salenatrabuc_fueledbywhy and being my YOGI Unicorn @chelsey_noelle13 😘😘😘 #victoriasport
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REPOST: @satinne_wicker 😘 FRIENDS ✋🏻🤗 I will be @crossfit CHANUTE tom eve leading the LADIES Night Y•O•G•A F•L•O•W along with organic wine?🍷could be dangerous, maybe taking some home but more than likely be an incredible evening, stretching out with other Mamas, sharing my passion for these poses& talking about how we can better #biohack our bodies & lifestyles to be the best we can be, every single day to our babes .. JOIN us!! ❤️🧘🏻‍♀️🍷🦄 #unicornMagic ✨ ps.i like commas like I like hashtags 🤷🏻‍♀️😊 #yogaFlow #stefSpin
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