And one by one she planted trees to give the world a reason to look up. ➖ #earthoutdoors #wilderness_culture #explorebc
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Well...we (@briceferre @kmexplores ) did it! We made a goal, a plan, and pushed our butts out the door, out of the sleeping bag every morning into the big wide unknown. There were so many things we weren't sure of but we figured we could tackle one thing after another and have a sense of humor at the hard parts. The Sunshine Coast Trail was wonderful and although we didn't see much sun, we also didn't have any issues with bugs (my favorite thing about cold weather camping), no water shortage, no bears, and no crowds (or anyone). I'll be writing a more detailed blog soon about our trip because I couldn't find very much information about the trail online. Thanks for following us! #sunshinecoastbc #sunshinecoasttrail #dogsthathike
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My twin @swe@sweetgeorgiabrownpuppy asked me to do an introduction challenge so here it goes: My name is just Breck. I was born in Texas in 2016, rescued by @bounceanimalrescue in Colorado and now live in Wyoming. I love hot woobies, climbing on objects and squeaky farm animals. I will do just about anything for food. Peanut butter is my favorite🥜. Because of an incident I had as a pup I’m not always comfortable around other dogs especially big ones. I’m getting better about being around bicycles and runners but scared of kids on scooters. I do not like loud noises especially power tools, vacuums and motorcycles 🏍. I like to go to bed by 9:30 and wake up by 5:30. If this doesn’t happen I’m not a happy dog. At the end of the day I love to lay in my dads arms like a baby. I want my fur friends @din@dino_the_rescued_dog @ingridearheart @bambi_hillfish to do this challenge. . . 🚜🐷🐔🚜🐷🐔🚜🐷🐔🚜🐷🐔 Check out and follow my PAWtners: @sweetgeorgiabrownpuppy @dino_the_rescued_dog @_riley_dawg_ @mypupsport @sophie.ash2 @therockinrockstar @jediandanais @brownie_the_dogyy 📍Geopetric 20% off promo code BRECK.📍 📍Loyal paws of the world 10% off promo code Breck.📍 . #staywild #instagramdogs #instadoberman #dobiemix #sunsetcolors #puppygram #dog#dogscorner #bes#bestwoof #dogfeatures #puppiesforall #dogsdaily #ilovemydog #dog_features #dogscorner #wildman #dogofig #barkhappy #dogsofinstaworld #dogsoftheday #bestwoof #dogbestpix #dogsagram #a_dogsworld
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Just finished my work week and itching to get outdoors tomorrow. . Continuing with National Parks Week, here is a picture from Zion NP at the start of the Angels Landing hike.
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