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Hey Joshhhh
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josh va a hacer una firma de autografos SOLO, este es el mismo chico que hace unos años no podía hablar frente al público por su ansiedad, estoy tan orgullosa de él y de cuanto a mejorado para poder hacer esta clase de eventos ahora lo amo muchisimo
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SELF MEDICATION IS KEY: Who ever told Nigerians that Malt drink and Milk could boost blood immune in the system? 😂🤣 ____ So, apparently after I went for medical screening yesterday and my blood was almost drained due to series of blood tests and all, I went a lil dizzy sort of and once I got home, I slept all day till night. . Momsy called to check up and So, I got prescription from friends and fam; add malt and Milk together to boost your blood, as so, that's what I just did. ____ Here's my process of Self Medication. Watch and learn a thing. Lol. . Don't do drugs! . . . #Rucci #SpecialEducator #SelfMedication #Malt #Milk #StayAlive #StayHealthy #Egg #Drink
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