Today my teacher friends begin a new school year. This would normally be me but it’s not and I love that. I’m so so happy I made the choice to step away from something that wasn’t filling my soul. I still teach most days but I choose when. I may go back full time - when I’m ready. I’m so lucky to be focusing on me for the first time in my life, doing things that make me happy, spending time with people that make me feel good, who laugh with me and listen through my many tears. Taking a leap into the unknown is scary and certainly not easy, but it is so worth it. I’m definitely no expert on living life and have made crappy choices many times but all I can say is follow your heart and do what you love, ALWAYS. The rest should (maybe, hopefully, will 🤞) follow. 🍃🐛🦋 #byronbay #lennoxhead #mentoring #mindfulness #teaching #byronbaymentoring #byronbayparents #growth #lennoxheadbeach #byronbaymums #startupbyron #jshealth #jshealthambassador
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G O L D ... great to be hanging with the folks at the shiny new awesome @goldcoasthub @littletokyotwo @amazon_aws
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Y A Y ... for the weekend 🚀🚀🚀🚀
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F I R S T venture to @workclub Sydney.
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G O O D Morning Sydney... always great to be back @sydnetstartuphub
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I N C U B A T E check out the wonderful Jasmin flowers from one of our startups. This is a prototype of the amazing @thesubpod by @compostcentral
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P R O U D to be an outreach partner & part of the launch today of the fabulous new @goldcoasthub ... more exciting announcements coming soon 👏
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