Кто из нас настоящая?😊 Вечер был очень позитивный и веселый, смеялась от души! Спасибо @_platina123_ @anyabondar87 @lui_g777 !!! #standup #standupcomedy #standupwomen #стендап #стендапмосква #стендапшоу #женскийстендап
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Tomorrow Thursday @6pm, class on how to get these chemicals out of your life https://www.facebook.com/GetWellnessCenter/posts/1202463593222167 #stoppoisoningyourfamily #citrusheightsfunctionalwellnessmeetup #votewithyourdollar #stopcancernow #stopbuyingchemicals #getwellnesscenterclasses #healthychemicalfreedom #sacramentomeetups #standupwomen #fthechemtrailsruiningmysky
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You never know who you are inspiring. Live your best life today. Everyday. #happyinternationalwomensday ||
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When you browse instagram and find some amazing post for #wom#womenonalday #women #proudwoman #standupwomen #bewhoyouare #loveislove #loveisreal #bekindtoyourself #bekindtoothers #fashion thank you to all women in my life and my social media women you guys are amazing xoxox the fact that we can learn, love, hold a human for 9months, raise kids, become a wife, sisters, aunts, friends, work, wash clothes, cook, clean and still dance and smile.. women are just amazing.. and yet we still don’t get paid like a man does.. I hope the generations of women to come will change that!!!!
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‘The polarities are changing with respect to gender. Soon it won’t be men vs. women. It will be the awakening vs. the asleep, the heartfelt vs. the heartless, the selfless vs. the selfish…. a gender-inclusive force of benevolent souls, who will no longer tolerate the stripping of our human dignity, the raping of this planet or the women who mother it…. We still need to fight for our right to the light, and we need to do it together. Not as two polarized genders, but as souldiers of a higher order united by love, ready to march humanity into the light of compassion.’ - Jeff Brown Days like today - international displays of support - are confirming that the rebalancing of power between men & women & the redefining of feminine & masculine is finally happening. It’s happening in a way that’s finally extending beyond just words sprayed onto the pavements of Shoreditch & an absence of the airbrush in a Dove ad - it’s women authentically reuniting, the power of community resurging to overthrow oppositionalism, the outward celebration of feminine traits of love, vulnerability, truth, nurture & nature in both sexes & the stories around masculinity being unpicked in the process, the realisation that patriarchy has done men few favours either, women regaining their voices, owning their emotions & fiercely deciding to speak, root, & rise - and men standing down & supporting us in all of it - as a collective of HUMAN soul-diers, because true feminism is to the benefit of every one of us. Happy #internationalwomensday 👭👭👭📷: @quarterlifehealthproject #roottorise #standtogether #weareone #warriorwomen
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