Today is my birthday 🎉🎈Can I get a birthday wish from u🤗🤗 . If It will be my best birthday if u wish me 🤗 Hope u will do this.. my angel 💃❤️😢 but wanna say something ⤵️ .. I know, you've million of fans like me & I am just another fan to you. But trust me, You're million in one to me. You're the BEST ❤ I've chosen you as my Idol cause you're so special to me. You inspire me like nobody else does. Thank you for always inspiring me❤ And I wanna thank you for everything. I love my Zindagi cause It has YOU in it. You're truly the BEST I can never thank you enough for the smiles, happiness that you've given me. Wish I could give you something in return ❤ I don't know, how to explain my admiration for you ❤ I've given you the most special place in my heart. Nobody can replace you. Choosing you as my Idol was the best decision that I've ever made in my life. Please stay the same forever. Keep shining ;)❤ I just wanna see your smiling face always. So please keep smiling ❤ You know na how much I admire you. You're my EVERYTHING. xx I wanna do something very very very big for you that no fans of any celebrity have done before. I really wanna make you HAPPY ❤ You make me so happy even when you're million miles away from me. I love you but more than that I RESPECT YOU ❤ Thank you for making my world so beautiful. Can never thank you enough. The one & only thing which matters to me is your smile❤ If you're happy what else do I need. Please keep smiling ;) x The love & adoration I've for you will always remain the same. No matter what.❤ Thank you thank you thank you for everything. And can’t wait to helicopter eela 😻😻❤️. •[#KajolDevgan @Kajol] --•-- #Kajol#KajolDevgn#QueenOfBollywood#Bollywood#Kajolic#Devgan#Devgn#AjayDevgan#AjayDevgn#BollywoodActor#BollywoodActress#QueenKajol#Devgans#KajolMukherjee#KajolMukherjeeDevgan#SrKajol#Queen#KAjay
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#ThursdayThought from King Khan!
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