ARE YOU GETTING READY TO START YOUR FIRST 6 WEEKS OF FHIT TOMORROW?! Here are my top 3 tips to get organised: 1. Set your alarm - and tell a friend, to help keep you accountable! 2. Set out your clothes for tomorrow 3. Watch the video tonight and familiarise yourself with the workout // #FHITbyLaurenHannaford // // #FHITwithLOZ
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Some work from tonight. Deadlifts at 275x6x3(last set shown) Paused squats at 245x3x4(2nd&3rd) End of first week. Onto the next. . . . . @elevated_ape @le_fat_grizzly . . #deadlifts #squats #powerlifter #meetprep #gymlife #gymrat
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Feeling a bit run down and shit but the easiest my chin ups have ever ever felt. Hit a rep PB of 5/5/4. The start of this program the most I could do was 3 in a row so feeling like a strong lil lady #alphafemale @primalstrengthandcomposition
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