If you know me well then you know that my all time favorite dessert is a perfectly ooey gooey s’more. They are delicious, but I think the thing that makes s’mores my favorite is making s’mores. It means family and friends are gathered, it reminds me of family camping trips, laughing around a fire, adventures and good times. If you don’t like s’mores please don’t tell me. We won’t be able to continue to be friends.
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Pretty much perfect. Byepool noregrets
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My back is sore, my hand are dry and blistered and I’m exhausted but it’s been a GOOD day! I finished the layout of the garden, we picked up a load of compost and a load of manure, Wayne used a pickax to loosen the soil and I dug in all of the organic matter that I could, we used rocks from an old “dry riverbed” that we no longer needed and the garden area is ready to be planted! So happy with the way it looks 💚
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The view from our shed. So happy there’s a window in there. As you can tell, it’s time to tackle leaf removal. 😒
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Think I finally found some varieties of spinach that we will enjoy eating - tried Red Malabar & New Zealand and the leaves were just too thick (and slimy with regards to the Red Malabar) for my liking - we are growing Giant Nobel & Bloomsdale which are a more thin and delicate leaf 🌱#spinach #coolweathercrops #socalgarden #socalgardener #zone10 #leafygreens #iamwhatiam #growyourown #growyourownfood #growwhatyoueat #greenthumb #gar#gardenlife #raisedbeds #squarefootgardening #garden #gardening #instagarden
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