Happy first day of spring! Bloom season will soon be upon us! #TBT to last bloom season in all its glorious beauty! “One of my favorite times of year is when the flowers are coming out. We hit full bloom when the maximum number of flowers are open. The aroma of the orchard is intoxicating. It’s wonderful.”- Dave Gleason, Chief Horticulturist #firstdayofspring #springtime
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Spring is here 😱💖💖🌻🌻🌻 #hoops #springweather #blooming #flowers
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First day of spring my ass #springweather #snow
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It’s the first day of spring and the weather is amazing! Took the pups out to the Greenbelt after work and soaked in alllll of that Vitamin D. Ellie loved it and mama needed it! Who else is stoked fo spring?!
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Not sure about where you are at, but today definitely does not feel like Spring!! ☁️💨😞 Here’s to warmer weather just being around the corner!! 🌷🌹🥀🌺🌼🌸☀️
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