Meet the team Monday!! 👨🏼‍🔬 Hi, my name is Liam (Gallagher) and yes...... I used to be in a band!! Since studying sport and exercise science at university I have had two research and development laboratory based jobs (one involving pharmaceuticals and one involving cars) before then becoming a project officer at Leeds Beckett university during 2005/06. In 2007 I joined our sport science learning support team which has since grown from having 5 members to now 10. I enjoy working across both biomechanics and physiology mainly and have been lucky enough to provide sport science support to clients including premier league football teams, world No.1 professional golfers, elite athletes, the British army, the MOD and north and West Yorkshire Fire and rescue service to mention a few. Outside work I love to travel and see new places. I also enjoy playing football, golf, and guitar, and servicing and maintaining my car (that rhymes! 😉) My current role, involves supervising Carnegie Research Institute (CRI) based learning support team. Our office is CRIG07 so feel free to call in to ask any questions! We are happy to help! #hello #meettheteam #meettheteammonday #monday #sport #science #learning #support #sportscience #sportsciencelearningsupport #lso #sportsciences #sportsciencestudent #bebeckety #beckett #leedsbeckett #leedsbeckettuni #leedsbeckettuniversity #carnegie #carnegieschoolofsport #team #leedslife #loveleedslife #iloveleeds #leedsleedsleeds
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Jadwal grup kelas Oktober 2019 Yang mau ikutan, segera gabung ya! Karena bulan ini kami sedang menggadakan promo hanya 100k per sesi.
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The latest podcast is out! In this episode Shane discusses: 👉🏻The influences behind his entry into Martial Arts. 👉🏻His dual career in Martial Arts Instructing and Strength & Conditioning Coaching. 👉🏻His "Why" for coaching kids in particular, with one of the best coaches a compliment can receive! 👉🏻The 4 chores he makes all his students/clients complete. 👉🏻Why "3rd party power" is an important component in coaching. 👉🏻Why holistic development  of the child/athlete is so important in his coaching. 👉🏻The worrying trends he sees in 26 years of coaching kids. #youthathletes #youthsports #athleticdevelopment #coa#coaching #strength #speed #power #youthstrengthandconditioning #sportperformance #sportscience #fundamentals #rugby #athleticevolution #sportsscience #strengthtraining #injuryprevention #hypertrophy #nutrition #edinburgh #scotland #grassroots #coach #pt #fitfam #podcast
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Faster than ever within the last two or three years, physical demand on the student-athletes players have increased correspondingly. Despite the heightened toll on their bodies, however, players are also enjoying longer careers than before. Almost a third of the 4 season played by a student-athlete while averaging at least 20 minutes a game have come in the last three years, for example. Much of this can be attributed to a revolution of sorts for how Sport Science has been applied across UJ Sport Program over the last three years. The change has been the philosophy for a reactive approach to injuries to one of reducing injury risk as much as possible to maximize an athletes well-being and performance. #ujalltheway🏆🏆🏆 #ujsport #sportscience #highperformancesport
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An important component of completing Level 1 is performing training progressions that dynamically stretch and load the tendons in the lower limb. These progressions help to restore, preserve or even enhance tendon health so you can keep performing a wide range of recreational activities through your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond! Rob is doing a fantastic job here performing this triple extension jump😃🏄‍♂️🏌🏻‍♂️🥋⛷🏉🏀🎾
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Starting off from last week and right back into it… 🕺🏽 . Studies looking at Electroencephalograms (ECG – looks at electrical activity within the brain 🧠) observed that there is a significant change in ECG activity up to 45 days and one study found the changes to last for 4 years. More studies need to be conducted to distinguish between acute vs chronic changes and its implications ☝🏼 . Monitoring heart rate seemed to be of little use as well. One article did find that the exercise-induced heart variability was negatively affected after concussion. Ultimately, there is no definitive indicator of SRC recovery by observing heart rate 💓 In fluid biomarkers, a tongue-twister of a protein, spectrin-N-fragment remained elevated after concussion and returned to baseline when clinician cleared the athlete to return to play. However, no reliable biomarkers could be found 🤷🏻‍♂️ . Transcranial magnetic stimulation also failed to find any reliable markers that could indicate physiological recovery 👀 . Conclusions and Recommendation for Sport-Related Concussions: . What we know from all the available evidence is that the physiological time period for recovery extends beyond that of clinical recovery. In other words, on a biological level the body hasn’t fully recovered although the clinician has cleared an athlete to return to play. The problem is we don’t know exactly when that is. The solution is to find a RELIABLE marker that could indicate an athlete is able to return to play. Thus, physiological markers are unreliable at this point. . The authors suggest that more longitudinal studies be conducted in physiological recovery. In other words, research should focus on looking at athletes over time and not just at a single point in time. . From the studies, it has shown that concussion is probably not resolved within more than 15 days and less than 30 days. The authors also suggest that clinicians use clinical data to indicate return to play and use graded exposure to sport for concussion recovery 🏈 . Did you like this review? Let us know what you think! 😉
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