“A balance diet is an ice cream roll in each hand”- unknown
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My two great treats in life are fresh fruit ice cream and mint oreo🍦😅😍 #frozenmeetsrollin 📚: 25% OFF for students 📍@frozenmeetsrollin_icecream Orange, CA 🍦: Oh-Minty! - mint oreo 🍦: Strawgo - fresh strawberry/mango
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Re-shot my Secret Family Recipe Falafel today! It's always fun to go back and breathe new life into some of my old favorite recipes. Updated photos will be on the blog in the coming weeks!
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We’re just going to leave this here.....
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Fig-ure out how to stay Keto! 🥗 Try this delicious Fig Arugula Salad! 🌿🙌 #fig ¼ cup aged sherry or balsmaic vinegar Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper ½ cup olive oil 8 to 12 ripe fresh figs 1 cup whole walnut halves (4 ounces) 8 to 10 cups baby arugula (9 ounces)
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Have you heard? The final contestant in our quest for the perfect spring roll from Madam Yen and it was a worthy competitor #springrolls #hanoi #hanoifood #crispy #fried #haveyouheard
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