Sending love and light to you in this moment as you begin your week💚 #mondaymotivation #motivationalspeaker #spiritualawakening #holistichealing #namaste
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This is a tough one and something even I struggle with. Sometimes you take on much more than you are supposed to. There is no one there to tell you different and all your points of reference did the same thing with their parents. Its only when there is a stir in your soul, a nudge, a discomfort that you know something is wrong. Fact: You dont have to own your parents emotions. You dont have to feel guilty for anything. You dont have to keep defending them or solving all their problems. You dont have to be the version that THEY want you to be. You dont have to keep putting off your plans and rescheduling your happiness. Here is a big one: you aren't indebted to your parents. Your parents are supposed to take care of you, feed you, clothe you and ensure you have a good education. That is their job. The fact that they did these things doesnt mean you owe them anything. Parents are supposed to do this looking nothing in return. Alot of people had no real support growing up.Maybe you had to raise yourself. Maybe your parents were sick all the time or complained about money alot. Maybe you grew up around alot of arguments or you had to take care of your siblings. Maybe you didnt get to fully experience what it truly means to be a child. You had to grow up too soon taking care of things you had no business taking care of. Maybe you still carry that pain inside. This is the age of #selfhealing tribe.Its like my twin told me, you have to be your own Mother, Father, sister, brother, uncle, Aunt etc. You have to reparent yourself in order to heal. Shift and see everything shift. Detaching doesnt mean you don't love your parents, it means you love yourself more. Some people will feel guilty about this and some dont even know they should love themselves first. We are all learning. Its a long road. Thoughts? #consciousness #spirituality #awakening #enlightenment #love #divineconsciousnessja #meditation #thirdeye #knowledge #lawofattraction #wisdom #awareness #energy #spiritualawakening #chakras #truth #life #vegan #higherconsciousness #mindfulness #inspiration #pinealgland #universe #plantbased #questioneverything #lightworker #positivity #oneness #esoteric
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