This love. This love that will last a lifetime. This love that I far too often take for granted. This love that holds me accountable. This love that challenges me to be vulnerable. This love that knows no bounds. This love that unites us. This love that shows every area that needs growth + humility in me. This love that mutually adores + surrenders to one another. This love that isn’t scared of conflict + communication. This love that gives me so much joy + purpose. This love built on honesty + commitment. This love that values play, laughter, + quality time > material + worldly gains. This is a LOVE that we all are worthy of. To my sisters that have not yet met their special someone... Hold on. It is worth the week, month, or year, for a lifetime with YOUR person. Don’t give up hope. Pray over your future husband. Use this moment to become complete within Christ. Cherish this sacred time with a God who loves you SO much. Know that your worth is not + will never be, defined by your relationship status, job title, bank account, etc. (also enjoy fully sprawling out in bed alone… lol) To my sisters that are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t see your worth… Make space. Make space for someone that adores you, encourages you, and wants to see you thrive. Make space for someone that empowers you to be the women you were created to be. Make space for someone that is in it for the long haul. Make space for someone that reminds you who you truly are when you get knocked down. Make space for a forever type of love. Remember that you are setting the tone for how others treat you. To my sisters that are married… writing this for a reminder to myself :) Dang girl, marriage is no joke.. it takes work but the fruit is so sweet. It’s easy to get tired, lazy, and go on auto-pilot. WAKE UP, sister. Show your special someone how much you love them. Your marriage can literally be used to show the love that Christ has for every person. Put away the work, screens, distractions and fully engage in quality time together. Think less “I” and more “us”. Build your legacy together + become an unstoppable team.
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#Tues Something really cool is about to happen... ...we're indeed magical #WowmeExperience #giftideas #someonesbirthday #happybirthday #beautiful #specialsomeone #love #happyfaces
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If all they want is your time hold onto them. 💘 #boroughkings 🦁🐯 - #keepmecompany #company #bestfriendquotes #soulmate #specialsomeone #yourlove
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Happy Tuesday, you beautiful souls⚡️💖
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Oh how I love spending time with you ..... Love you ..... You will always be part of my monkey clan 🙈🙉🙊🙈🙊#love #memoriesinthemaking #specialsomeone #alwaysandforever #kaboomkids123 #youtube #youtuber #💕
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I feel that pictures can never fully capture the beauty of nature, but they do capture the moment. 📸 . You can see here the shadows of me and someone very special to me. Walks through the trees used to be something I often did alone, but recently I have found a super amazing person to share these moments with.🍂 . I came to this trail the morning before I met this guy. I did a meditation to calm my nerves and fill me with the kind of energy I wanted to give off. A few months later, and I’m sharing this trail and meditation with him. The universe has a way of giving us exactly what we need, when we need it most ❤️ . #Positivity #BrightSide #Trails #Walks #Capture #Moments #Nature #PositiveQuotes #SpecialSomeone #Meditation #Trees #Energy #Shadows #Universe #SharingMoments #MakingMemories
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