Giant sesame seeds or tiny bagels?! 🤔🙄🔎#portioncontrol #bag#bagels #mini #sourdough #bagels #brealfastofchampions #bakeshop #csb #earlyshift #bakerslife #lamadrugada
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Pizza - the solution to all my problems! 👌
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Um pãozão pra chamar de seu! 🍞🖤 Fornada da semana de sourdough e sourdough com parmesão! Acabou de sair! São 48h de fermentação natural #levain #sourdough
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Margueritta saindo do forno!! quem aguenta?! hoje a partir das 18.30hs.
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Perfect morning for @ispirarecoffee and lime cherry granola with yogurt. ☕️
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I’m considering re-vamping my weekly sourdough subscriptions because I’m about to move into a place with an actual standard sized oven!!! I have some big plans for the rest of this year and into 2019, and this will just be the beginning. So I need some input from y’all: Would you be interested to receive a DM/text/email when I plan my next sourdough bake day? There will be a limited number of loaves to reserve and a specific date and timeframe for pickups/deliveries. I will take orders first come first served, and if you try to reserve a loaf but I am already out, I will add you to the top of the reservation list for the next bake. This loaf pictured is a small country sourdough batard, clocking in at 675g that I baked last night. I usually bake larger batards at 950g (approx 2 lb) for pickups, and charge $8.00 ea. I use 100% organic flour, and I fresh mill all the whole grain flours that I use in my Komo stone burr mill. Please leave me a comment or shoot me a DM if you have thoughts or opinions or input- or with your desired contact info if you want to get on my bread alert list! I am incredibly excited to be able to finally get back to baking #REALBREAD for the city if Memphis, even if it remains at a small scale (for the immediate future). #sourdough #naturallyleavened #levain #wildyeast #longcoldfermented #fermentation #ladybreadbakers #hus#hustleanddoughbakingco #cottagefood #cottagefoodoperation #hustleanddough #memphis #ilovememphis
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