Tantra is such a lovely sister science to Yoga, and so often the word is thrown around willy-nilly, used to describe solely sexual acts, especially those with a neo-spiritual connotation. Forget the "Tantra" you've heard described in popular media... wearing robes, hip-dislocating intercourse positions, or shocking the dinner party guests (or your friends mum, alá the American Pie movies). If flow, ease, grace, connection, surrender and bliss sound like things you're into, Tantra is a means. It's been about two weeks since I went to @tantric.witch 's embodied Self Pleasure workshop and cracked open hitherto unknown parts of myself. I've gone away and examined my ideas around: ➡the pain of longing vs the ego of inauthentic independence ➡ shame around pleasurable experiences being sexual (I've long held a firm stand that sensual doesn't equal sexual; now I'm more interested to examine why I've been so adamant that things not be sexual) ➡true consent coming from four centres (head, heart, gut, sex) ➡ and my own self-imposed limiting belief - that connection = attachment, and if I don't want attachment to people then I have to limit connection. I realise now how untrue and limiting that belief has been and how it's played out in my life; I'm more than capable of non-attachment, so I am safe to create heart-centred connections. Soften, soften, soften. And I've also opened up to letting my body move how it wants to and seek pleasure in movement - as an alignment-focussed hatha yoga teacher I've forced rigidity and rules on my body in ways that might not have always served it. Now I am loving making shapes that don't have names or descriptions or boundaries. Just feeling. I would wholeheartedly recommend the workshop, and embodied self-pleasure in general, to souls who are ready to move through their stagnant stuff. If it's time to level up, if you're aching to face things you didn't know were an issue, then this might be the way 💕💕💕 #tantra #yoga #sistersciences #goldcoast #healing #movement #embodiment #selfpleasure #bodylove #selflove #soulevolution #manifesting
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The realness is overwhelming. Tag someone who needs this many alarms.
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💫Day 23 of #themaytarot hosted by @lionharts💫 . 💜My right now - Knight of Pentacles : I've got that summer feeling from the elephant going for me now, feeling strong, cheerful. . 💜My next few months - 4 of Wands : There are a few things I can connect to this feeling of coming home and celebration. But I'm not going to discuss them right now, when I have confirmation, I'll let you guys know. 😁 This guy needs to build up the veil of mystery again, so sorry for you lot. I know you Caroline, you'll try and pry it out of me. A girl can try. 😆 . 💜About my life path - 9 of Pentacles : 😃 Love to see this card here. A-BUN-DANCE! 🎉 C'mon let it flow. Lol. . 💜Make it a great day my Friend 💜 . .
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Candice and i kick off our retreats with a healing sound bath! And I am so stoked! Sound is a powerful tool that can allow us to explore different levels and patterns in our subconscious. I am excited for you all to meet the beautiful and powerful Sara Corbishley at our retreat in just 2 weeks! We only have 1 spot left! Join us today! #soulevolution #soulevolutionretreats #retreat #retreatinward #5rhythmsdance #powerofbeingalone #alonetime #selfreflection #selfcare #selflove #love #selfworth #timeforyou #healing #innerpeace #meditation #lifecoach
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