@sonyalpha 7S2 X @samyangfrance 35MM T1.5 ciné Lens UMC 2 X @djiglobal Ronin S #sonya7s2 #ronins #samyang35mm
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- Ты со мной намучаешься.. - 🙄 - Я себе очень не нравлюсь на фотографиях.. - 😁 (эх, сколько ж раз я такое слышал уже..) Листайте карусель до конца и записывайтесь на съёмку 😉 Снято на #sonya7s2 + #zenitar50095
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Curious puma cub checks out our camera trap! #sniffin — Patagonia, Chile 🇨🇱 . . We positioned the camera near where Rupestre and her four cubs were resting. They had taken shelter from the elements at the mouth of a shallow cave and we didn’t want to disturb them. So we set up the trap with the hope that when the family finished napping their curiosity would get the best of them and they would come inspect the lens. They are cats after all! . Then we went out in search of new pumas. This is when we encountered Petaca, the adult gray female who I shared photos of last week. After a long and rewarding photo session with her, we returned to collect the trap. The sunlight was fading and our day was winding down. We returned just in time to witness one courageous cub cautiously sneaking up to the setup… and this what the camera saw! 🎥 😻#rupestre #pumagonia . . Shot on safari in Torres del Paine with @rodrigomoragaz @luksth and @carlyaj / Camera: #SonyA7S2 Lens: #Sony24mmf14gm #camtraptions #reallyrightstuff
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