Prague is so beautiful ❤️
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Barbecued ribs, I'm coming for you!! After fasting from meat for 40 days, I'm SO ready.  You have Easter Sunday plans? Brunch. Easter egg hunt for the kids. Church. Whatcha doin? Hope it's extra special. I CAN'T WAIT TO EAT.  Oh yeah, and church is gonna be 🔥 Here's my Final Lenten post of some of my fave picturesque churches. Sure have enjoyed your comments. Atheists 😥, agnostics 😯 Wow! #thanksforsharing This twin to Paris's now charred icon, is equally exquisite and impressive in nearby Montreal,  just in case you need a Notre Dame fix. Check out the fabulous interior on my Stories. #HappyEaster  #HolyWeek #churchgirl #GodlovesYOU
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