Right now • Not every situation or experience you’ve endured will make sense. It’s not always fair, and it sure as hell isn’t always easy. But life is SO good, so precious, so powerful. Start now. NOW is right on time. • “You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you’re holding.” ~ Cheryl Strayed from Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar • Play the hell out of the cards you’ve been dealt. Don’t keep wishing for someone else’s. Stop comparing yourself to who someone else is today, and compete instead with who you were yesterday. You have right NOW to change, do, learn and grow… it’s amazing! • #rightnow #change #changequotes #bebetter #doyourbest #dogood #bekind #start #startnow #starttoday @cherylstrayed #cherylstrayed #dearsugar #changeisgood #learn #grow #sob#sobera> #sobriety #sober #loveadvice #lifeadvice #advice #advicequotes #mot#motivationotes #motivation #motivationmonday
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Meditation 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ space 🙏🏻clutter free , tv 📺 free ! Ready for spring 🌺🌸🌱 ready for new beginning 💚💚💚open mind & open heart #freetv #notv #consciousness #awakening #awareness #buddha #meditation #space #soundbowl #minimalism #sobriety #openmind #openheart #medytacja #dekoracja #sypialnia #wyciszenie #buddhasounds #terapia #soundtherapy
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Follow @cle@clean_and_sober_rehab Double tab♥️tag 3 friends comment below ⬇️ Start your 7 day trail to become comer at link in bio @clean_and_sober_rehab Here see the story from @ericaleehaywood she is an incredibly big inspiration we all can be sober looking at this, it’s hard to believe that girl on the left is me. it’s hard to believe i thought my lifestyle was normal. i drank to blackout. if i didn’t blackout, it was a waste of money. i had no shame either. i would just get sloppy hammered, undoubtedly make an ass of myself night after night at whichever bar was my blackout spot of choice, then i would just come back the next day like nothing ever happened. i lived this life of self destruction for 14 years. i would be so hungover going into work at 9pm, i would be chugging pedialyte during my shift. then as soon as my shift was over and i felt normal again, off to the after hours bar i would go, to start the downward spiral once again. it was a life with no sense of reality. a life of sheer selfishness with no regard for anyone but myself. but, as much as looking at the past makes me cringe, it also makes me smile. i created hell on earth for myself for so many years, but without that life lesson, i wouldn’t be the person i am today.. which is a person i can finally say i’m growing to love. i’m finding out things about myself and life that alcohol robbed me from for so long. i’ve grown so much more patient and understanding, and i’ve learned how to actually deal with life’s struggles and issues rather than just trying to drink them away. it’s a daily learning experience. it’s not easy, and it’s sometimes scary and overwhelming. but i’ll tell you what. ITS WORTH IT. i can never get that time i lost back, but i now make certain that i make everyday count. and i thank God for never giving up on me ❤️ sober soberlife soberAF doitfforyou nevergiveup bestyou sobriety loveyourself soberjourney inspire blessed thankful
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I crushed leg day today AND I beat my running mile by 30 seconds! Talk about a damn good Monday! 🏋️‍♀️💪 . I'm doing random workouts this week until I start my step program alllll over again on Monday 😍 Crushin' goals and takin' names left and right 🔥 And you can be doing the same! What's stopping you? . I'm starting my next online bootcamp in April, so whether you struggle with getting an exercise routine down or you just can't figure out the best nutrition plan, my bootcamps will help you with that 💖 . Fitness + Nutrition + Support = 💪😍🔥 . You know I'm only a message away if you want to get things goin'. I gotchu girl 💖
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Newest Logo incarnation @wondersine hand painted this beautiful Phoenix for me... She does amazing detail work! I actually asked her to use LESS detail than she typically incorporates😊 check out her page!⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ . Do you like Black background white lettering?? . . . #shopsmall #buysmall #logo #supportlocal #supportlocalart #commission #art #handpainted #pheonix #healingart #sobriety
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When #sob#sobriety is much better than the headache but you still want the #Chardonnay taste. #sobriety #sobrietyrocks #soberlife #soberliving #soberissexy #sixtydayssober
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