❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️. The snow totals the next couple days look dreamy . . Just like this capture from @winterislove and the @oregrown #LowPressure Crew! • • • • • #BsBrand #BsSnow #Winter #Snow #Sno#Snowboarding #Snowboard #GoPro #GonBoarding #REI1440project #LiveOutdoors #GreetTheOutdoors #VentureOutdoors #OutdoorSupply #SnowboarderMag #YoGrammies #SnowboardWithYourFriends #BestInSnow #StayProtectedRideLonger
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Taught this bae how to snowboard today!!! @olinlindsay has only ever snowboardingq once before in her life, and she never tried it again because she had a horrible time. I’ve herd similar stories a thousand times before. Today, Lindsay learned how to link carved turns in one hour, didn’t take a single fall in the process, was doing them consistently at 20 mph down the bunny hill, and the only time we used the magic carpet was to get this photo. #truth Sure, we’re best friends and have developed an incredible relationship around skiing, acrobatics, yoga, and dancing; and developed a high sense of trust and dialed communication skills through those activities. Yes, she’s a ski instructor who is going for her level 2 this year, so she already is comfortable with the mountain environment and sliding down the snow on edges. Okay, so one hour might not be a reasonable expectation for the average lesson... But what if I told you that I can do this with total strangers in two hours, and that I do it on the regular? #alsotruth What about 4 year olds? Yeah, but that tends to take all day. Grandmas? Give me six hours over three days and I’ll get your grandma carving down the bunny hill without a fall or you can have your money back. Tonight I’m working on an article to explain just how the hell I do this, which is yet another step for me on the road to DCL this season. I’m incredibly excited about the possibility of this being published and sharing these tricks with the public, but I’m even more stoked about the possibility of making that my career as I travel from resort to resort across the NW and share these skills with other instructors. #dreamjob And just in case you’re wondering, acrobatics as shown in this photo, has nothing to do with it, but it sure as hell involves a lot safe touch. 🙌👌🙏 My boss took photos of us, which were gonna try to retake tomorrow for better lighting and fresher snow. At the end of the hour, he said, “This is exactly what our product should look like”. It was the first time I’ve ever had a lesson shadowed at Bachelor, and it looks like I’ll be doing more than just leading level 2/3 exam training next year. 😍
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